1. i know i already posted this on another thread i just wanted more people to read it.

    ok i hate to get on my soap box, and nobody cares anyway just wanted to vent. The nickname "ricer" is derived from the term "rice burner" which i believe came about in the late 70's during the oil crisis when asian cars started becoming more popular because of their good gas mileage. many red blooded americans were still a little touchy about anything from asia because of the war. So any way some ignorant bigit started calling them rice burners.

    now if it ended there it wouldn't bug me so much. but now it is only getting more widespread. do we honestly think it ok to label a car or a person or group of people based on nothing more than the country of origin of the car they drive. i just think it is sad.

    the really sad part is the car that this thread was started for was an american built car. so has it spread to any performance based 4 banger. do they all fall into the "ricer" catagory, because i'm sure the early 80's svo guys would love to know that they are now to "ricey" because what they drive doesn't have enough cylinders.

    i know to a lot of people it is no big deal, but if you really stop and think about it if we don't try and stop it now, will it just get worse?

    if you read this all i thank you, whether you agree or not. i just wanted to get some people thinking. :flag:
  2. I might get an SVO :spot:
  3. got me thinking....kinda curious how "tree hugger" might have come about now....
  4. hey, i respect anyone who can make a car go fast and i also respect the imports that are coming out these days. but all those lame wads that put fart cans on there 1985 crx and think that they are fast are retards and deserve their title of ricer!!

  5. ok...

    so why did you make a whole other thread with your post?
  6. you must be reading in the 5.0 talk forum alot, cuz remember in here we arent so harsh with using that word. Ricer is reserved for true dumbasses, such as the kid I saw who ran his intake tube outside his car and had an air filter IN FRONT of his bumper cover....

    Settle down about the word, we don't use it as often as the fox guys do
  7. Hell, I respect the people with the quick econoboxes. They are the "sport compact" crowd. I'll even watch NOPI television on Speed channel every so often. I think that it's cool that girls are getting into and wanting to make their cars perform and look better.


    There are some real misquided youths out there that are trying to put on a show and being irresponsible on the roads. Most don't take the time to actually learn about cars, engines, horsepower or to turn a wrench. Thus, the derogatory (sp?) term of 'Ricer' is used.
  8. Ricers = Teh Suck but wouldnet be much fun w/ out them if you stop and think about it. I often look forward to the next dumbass in there there 4 cly POS w/ nothing but an air intake done on it thinking they can tangle w/ Mustangs.
  9. yeah i respect the fast 4 bangers or even stock. I dont like these idiots with their civics and whatnot with a huge aluminum wing, wheels and an intake reving everywhere thinking they can beat anything on the road.
  10. your overdoing it pal. I'm sure no one is gonna give you ***** over your post topic, because most of us get along with each other pretty well in here, but ricer is reserved for like a_k said the aluminum wing, fart-canned 4 cylinders that have no taste, no class, and have no clue about turning a wrench.
  11. maybe iv'e taken one too many socialogy class, and have become to sensitive, i just think we could come up with a better name for them.
  12. How about mechanically inclined? Listen, I had one one these ricers cut me off before and damn near made my stang go into the ditch. Anyone who drives wrecklessly in those imported rust cans deserves to have that label. They drive around and think they are untouchable. All of them share the same knowledge of cars....ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
  13. I don't mean to knit pick but doesn't mechanically inclined mean they are able perform mechanics on their cars.

    Anyway I got a name for them. A$$HOLES! I don't care what they do to their car. It is the ones who weave in and out of traffic and 65 and crash into unsuspecting victims. They give street racing a bad name and who everyone flips out about but the consequences trickle down to all car owners. These people pertain to all car brands.