Rolled The Svt

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    A deadwood tree went down across the entire road just over a steep hill outside of Gregory. Driving over the hill {at the speed limit} I had to slam the brakes and veer to hit the smaller branches. They twisted my car sideways and sent me over the side of the hill. I rolled one and a half times, and was left upside down suspended in my seat bellts. The Focus roof took a pretty good hit but held. As I was rolling I did a sit-up crunch to pull myself into a ball, I was able to bend my neck enough to not take too big of a hit to the head.I didn't smell any gas, but was reluctant to use any power widows. I was able to free myself and push open the passenger door above me.

    Shook the glass out of my hair and I worked my way to the top of the hill to flag down anybody else approaching the trap. I do believe I may have saved the life of some Bikers on crotch rockets who were came up just a minute later. They would have been thrown all over the place.

  2. Bummer man! Sorry to hear that but at least your ok.
  3. thats sucks at least your ok a car can be fixed or replaced and way to look out for others as well
  4. Sorry to hear that bro.
  5. yeah usually i bust your balls but glad to hear your okay and what a luck you had the fore thought to warn other people instead of just sitting there in shock.

    i assume the car is totaled
  6. Sucks dude, glad your OK and that you were able to warn other of the hazard.
    BTW, fire dude should be wearing his coat.