Running Ponies+Open Mountian Ranges Make for cool pictures!

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  1. I decided to take my 72 coupe out this morning before going over to Travis's house (another story) and taking some pictures.

    Well I guess ponies that run together stay together:


    If you're going to the Barett Jackson Auto show later this month you'll see this statue at the entrance.

    These pictures are in front of the Superstion Mountain in Apache Junction:


    I also have a couple new and shortmovies

    Movie 1
    Movie 2
    Movie 3
    Movie 4
    Movie 5
    Movie 6
    Movie 7
    Movie 8
    Movie 9

    What do you guys think?
  2. nice stang...
    imo, you should film your movies of the car "flyby's" at a lower speed
    going by the camera at 50-70 mph doesnt leave much time to see your car
    also, the wind hindered teh sound :(
    it would be sweet to see a speedo or tach

    but other than my nitpicking... coool :)

    i like the incar ones the best

  3. We're taking a digital camcorder out there next week to get some better videos. The ones i posted above are off my Canon G2 Digital camera. Plus I can't help it that when i floor it going 20 mph it picks up to 50-60 real fast :D
  4. Very nice Brian! :nice:

    Car looks great.