Roush S281 Rear wing install

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by S351Saleen77, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys,
    I need some help on installing a S281 rear wing on my sons 95 GT. The wing is from Saleen not aftermarket.
    I haven't looked at it yet but I thought he said it had 4 screws. Do these line up with the existing stock GT holes?
    Do the wings have 2 sided tape anywhere on them? No tape was included.
    I don't think any instructions were included either.

    Thanks for any info you have!:nice:
  2. Yeah,

    if it's a real Saleen wing it should line up with at least two of the holes.
  3. Marcus,
    I thought I read somewhere that Saleen used tape also? Have you heard anything on this?

    Thanks, Tom
  4. Yea,

    unfortunately, there is a lot of tape on the s281 wing. The best replcement is the grey 3M stuff. It holds up the best.
  5. Not sure about prior year Mustangs/Saleens but I can tell you from first hand experience DO NOT TRUST Saleens instructions.

    I just installed the Saleen S/C wing on my N/A coupe and after laying everything out by Saleens diagrams, it was off by almost 3/8 of an inch.

    I ALWAYS double check measurements with a test fit by eye, and ended up having to shift my wing over so it lined up with the sides of the body creases and was centered.

    Just a heads up.
  6. It will use only 2 holes for mounting. The rest of the wing is held down with double sided tape. You can basically look at the underside of the wing and see where it goes....about a 3/4" wide area around the outer perimeter of the wing. Make sure you tape the 2 (what I call the legs, where the bolts go). You should have no problems. Our 96" has had its wing since around 99' and it is still hanging on.

  7. Thanks guys! You have helped out alot!!

  8. S351Saleen77, when you received your wing, was it flimsy?

    And was it open underneath the wing? I'm afraid water is going to get inside and sit there.
  9. I will have to look at it. It still isn't on.....have to get it painted .
  10. The first and only place I've been to get a quote said it'd be about $175 to get painted. :(
  11. Thats actually pretty cheap these days.
  12. Yes it is open underneath. It dosen't seem too flimsy though:shrug:
  13. Okay. I checked out my friend's s281 wing on his Cobra this weekend...DEFINITELY made of a different material, and his ISN'T open on the underneath of the spoiler. I am going to see if I can have the body shop fill in that opening on the edges before/after it's on the car. That's just rediculous. Water will get up in there and sit and piss me off. lol

    Thanks. Let me know when you get yours installed!

  14. O.K. Thanks for the info!:nice: