Satellite Radio - The Quality Is......

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  1. ...bad. It sounds like a low quality mp3 to me. I thought satellite radio was supposed to have higher sound quality than standard radio?

    To me it sounds worse... like it's compressed. It's especially noticeable in the highs.

    All other sources sound great, Amazon MP3, Radio, even streaming over Pandora sounds better than satellite radio.

    Any one else experiencing the same thing?
  2. No, I've never had satellite radio in Hi-Def quality. I recall around 2006 there was an option to upgrade to the high definition audio signal, but I could never be bothered to spend the extra money on purchasing it. Don't get me wrong, I love my satellite radio, but they're starting to get a little outrageous with the costs? Also remember, if you're listening to your radio through Bluetooth signal, the quality is reduced further still.
  3. I "believe" when they combined Sirrus and XM, then added channels to each they had to compress more. Even before that I always thought other sources sounded better. Just my opinion, but I dropped all Sat subscriptions. I am lucky enough to have unlimited data and just stream over the phone to bluetooth.
  4. That'll make your sound quality sound like poo poo too.
  5. That is not the case anymore. Sure, in the early days Bluetooth quality was horrible but recent specs have MORE than enough bandwidth to stream even high quality mp3s/mp4s.

    The Ford Sync system uses the Bluecore4 chipset for Bluetooth audio which supports Bluetooth version 2.1 + EDR.

    This means you have almost 3mbits of bandwidth over Bluetooth!

    Streaming Amazon MP4s (which are often 256kbit) sounds great. Even streaming Pandora over the cel towers at 128kbits sounds fine.
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  6. Don't know about all that.

    I can say though, that my Alpine Head unit isn't more than about 3-years-old (INAW900). My phone (iPhone 5C) is brand new. 90% of my music is 320kb quality and my Bluetooth audio volume is about half of what it is compared to when I have it plugged into the unit directly. :shrug:
  7. iphone..... :nono:

  8. Any phone. My buddies Samsung and GF's old Blackberry did it too.
  9. theres an app for that. I had to get one for my phone in order to modify the volume files to be able to adjust it high enough
  10. I don't have problems streaming over Bluetooth from a Samsung SIII to the stock Ford system. It's L O U D. :banana:
  11. The music quality is horrible, it sounds like a poor quality MP3 underwater. I have the Shaker whatever system with the sub in the trunk and FM sounds better than SiriusXM. I only have satellite for the sports coverage, where sound quality does not really matter.

    Also at work, I hate it when people call with bluetooth, especially SYNC. The sound quality is horrible and all I hear is the tire noise over their voice. I have told more than one customer to pull over and put the phone to their ear so I can understand them.
  12. Do you recall the name of the App?
  13. I have an iPod with 80GB's of music. I don't need satellite radio.
  14. Meh, I like to bounce around to some of the comedy stations, news and a lot of the Talk Radio format too, so the change is nice.
  15. Raw Dog, thats some funny chit