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  1. It's all nuts and bolts man. I think it's funny how some people get bent out of shape about using a different maunfacturer's engines, yet use aftermarket parts on thier cars made by a different manufacturer. Welcome to hot rodding, "Built Ford tough with Chevy stuff" has been around since the dawn of time. If you already have a stash of SBC parts to pick from, go for it. I've heard AJE's K fits a small block very nicely and gives just enough distributor to firewall clearance. I have a couple SBC's around here and I can't say one of them won't end up in my car in the future. BTW, you can go with a motor plate and just cut your stock motor mount perches off the K. This would allow to move the engine around wherever you want to put it and costs less than $100 for a front plate and about the same for mid plate.
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  3. To try and answer a few more of your questions, the regular old sbc engine mounts should work in conjunction with the AJE K or your own custom perches. If you're planning to use your T-5, you can use an 3rd Gen F-body bellhousing. Just make sure it will work with your transmission front cover plate. Every swap I've seen guys are using rear sump pans. Depending on your ground clearance, you could run a deep sump oil pan kit out of Summit or whatever. Make sure whatever pan you use, get the pick-up tube retainer for the pump or weld it into the pump because they have a tendancy to fall off in the pan. After you see it you'll probably be able to make one it's easy cheesy. S-10 swap headers work for alot of guys only having to manipulate one tube for clearance. Down side is they're shorties. Honestly for what you get, those Kooks headers are a good deal. They don't cost any more than other applications for the same features. I've seen BBF swap guys who run a BBC exhuast port head and need custom headers. Some of them cut Mustang app. headers at the primaries and weld on BBC flanges. You could try that. Or you could get some bends and do it all up yourself. Or at least index mark everything and have someone else weld it up. Or if you're feeling froggy you could flip some sbc shorties around and plumb in your favorite turbo :shrug: For the trans X-member, buy make or modify. Driveshaft will need to be made also.
  4. I found new headers for ya. They are made by Dynatech and work with the AJE K member. And they are considerably cheaper than Kooks. Dynatech: They are under the "drag race headers" section, scroll down and click on it. Stepped long-tubes with a 3" slip on collector. 5 Bills.
  5. Wow, thanks man. I hope to get the money going coming in around Spring '09
  6. Jordan, I'll check with a friend of mine who bought a 87 that a guy put a 327 in, the motor blew and he put a windsor in it, I think he has the headers and oil pan.
  7. Jordan, I will check with a friend of mine who bought a 87 that had a 327 in it, he put a 351W in it, so I think he still has headers and oil pan, I'll let you know.
  8. i have a buddy with an lt1 in a fox he used the stock oil pan,82 92 camaro headers (shortys) and a t-5 from an 82 92 camaro using camaro engine mounts you can weld a plate on each side of the k-member and bolt the mounts it a bone stock motor and he can play with a modded 5.0
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    At least if you've got half of the equation right if you use a mustang as the body/chassis.

  10. Thanks man.

    As of now, AJE is about to raise prices, so I'm not sure if this route will be the most price efficient. 351 stroked to 408 or so might have to be my best option.
  11. How about an LSX/Vortec swap? Check this out, stock mod motor car K-member, stock mod motor mounts modified very easily to work, stock oil pan, etc. Alot of 5.3L's are all aluminum and can be bought complete for $3-500 on car-parts .com. And Gen3 motors smoke Gen 1/2 engines. Here's a stock 5.3 junkyard motor with a used stock Z06 cam and used longtubes putting down 326rwhp and 323rwt thru an auto. Pretty impressive. This is hard to beat 5.3 dyno numbers on a $300 long block Cheap Engines for LS conversion - LS1TECH I have some more swap info if you're interested. There's nothing more involved in doing this than throwing in a 351. Just an idea:shrug: Some good reading here. How's 430hp from a completely stock 325 cubed longblock with a cam and intake sound:eek:?325 Chevy Small Block Engine - Bolt On A Cam And Heads And Add 120+HP - Car Craft Magazine I like this statement on page 3..."Our first shot was a simple baseline of the stock 5.3 with the carb and headers, making a credible 337 hp and 351 lb-ft of torque." Then they swapped in a cam and made 96 more hp. Good stuff
  12. I've been running a 408" SBC in a 1988 Mustang for the past few years. I had Lemons Headers out of San Luis Obispo, CA build me a set of headers on the car back in 2004/2005. These are a stahl pattern with each header is 3 pieces and is stepped from 1 7/8" to 2" to 2 1/8". I'm now selling these because I'm going with a new motor combo that requires each step to be 1/8" bigger. I'm looking to sell the headers if you are interested. Just give me a call at 1=408-205-1842.

  13. heres what I asked-

    -zero deck pistons
    -Weind action+plus dual plane intake (0-6000rpm)
    -comp deh 265 cam
    -straight up timing set
    I figure these items will wake it up to a decent power/torque level. What do the pros figure? (edit: these parts added up to about $1k)

    Heres the answer I got:
    I ran a simulation using flattop pistons and 10.2:1 CR. I used a 600 CFM carb, large tube headers, and a 265DEH cam, and 78.4 cc open chamber heads.

    The torque is 445 [email protected] RPM and peaks at 456 [email protected] RPM. The torque curve is almost flat from 2000 through 4000 RPM.

    The Dynamic Compression Ratio for this combo is 8.57:1. That is too high for pump fuel with Iron Open chamber heads. You need to dish the piston. A bigger cam will help, but that will kill the torque at low RPM. Closed chamber Aussie heads would help, but they have only 60cc chambers, so you would still need to dish the piston.

    You need about a 10cc dish to get to a safe DCR on 93 Octane fuel with open chamber heads. The torque numbers will drop with the reduced compression.

    heres the thread I made on another forum need HP estimate for 400 - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums

    If you were to buy some edelbrock heads ($2k for the pair) you would be able to run the comp #'s you want and squeeze a decent amount more power out of it...and theres your $3k build for the engine.

    So now what engine is that? Its a 400" ford aka the boat anchor (add my sarcasm here)

    Flame away:D