Scrming's First Dyno with Zex

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by scrming, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. Ok... I KNOW you guys have been waiting ALLLLLLLL day for this...

    First a quick story... we took a very conservative approach to running the Zex... We decided we would learn to walk before we learned to run..... so we put all the spark advance back to factory settings and actually pulled and extra 2 degree just for added safety... We did some pulls just to see where we were at... with heat it I was making 184RWHP... TQ was around 220... When we were satisfied we had a "safe" tune we put did a pull with the 75HP shot... Man, was it smooth.. not at all what I expected.... I'll save the actual numbers for now... LOL!

    Then we took the car for a quick spin... HOLY... I'm sorry Jimp... But we could definitely tell the difference with the 75HP shot... From a dead stop, launching at 1300RPM... it was.... INSANE! LOL! On concrete my tires have a VERY HARD time spinning.. they seem to hook right up.... Not when the Nitrous hit... Like I said... it was crazy!!!!!

    Ok.. here's the numbers... I will post graphs ASAP...

    RWHP - 246
    RWTQ - 321

    That's about 60HP and 100ft/lbs at the tire!!!

    I'm going back in a week or two... we'll do some more tuning and checking... take the next step and maybe try the 100HP shot...

    Hoping to get to a track this weekend...
  2. Wow! Nice numbers man.
  3. Awesome, can't wait to see the next post. Looks very promising.
  4. wow!!!, those are some impressive #s for just a 75 shot. who would have thought 100 ft. lbs.????? glad it is all working out for you. so all the problems with the wrench light are fixed now? next we need some 1/4 mile slips!!
  5. now lets got some of that 439rwtq that powerhouse has lol jk. excellent numbers man, we'll see what jump comes back with and we will know who has the highest power v6 on these boards, and who has the #2 one :)
  6. Very nice..

    Keep in mind, Powerhouse did his own Custom Jetting work.. So this could explain alot.. However, 321RWTQ with a 75SHOT is a winner.. A "F"-ing winner!! :D
  7. scrming,

    Sounds like you guys did the tune right. Set it to factory spec and work forward with the modifications and then Zex. Best way to reengineer the tune than to stack tune.

    Well done. The numbers would be about right for the 75 shot. My compliments.

    100shot - new gap on plugs and a timing retardation would make that even better.

    Congrats and I am glad everything worked out.
  8. im pretty sure you will need new plugs for anything over 100 shot, might as well just put them in now, because we all know you are going to go that route ;)

    but again, very nice numbers, im super jealous now. I definately wont be the next person to install zex, but i wont be too far behind. I had actually talked myself out of it until you guys installed it lol.
  9. soooooo jenn, when does your zex go in? :p

  10. Shortly after John takes his run at the track and I can make sure the AOD does not need a cooler and nothing else fails.. :rlaugh:

    Yeah....Jimpy has the HP itch now.....It will only be a matter of time (a week) before he goes above 100 shot...

    Remember John that the GT kit is set to fire at the Spark Plug gap of the GT of .040" - .050" up to 75HP Shot safely. The Spark Plug gap for anything above that will need to be closed up or new plugs that run for a colder heat range and have a proper ground strap design for nitrous use. According to Zex this is .030" to .035". Stock 4.0L V-6 gap is .052" - .054".

    Yeah..Might as well stick them on now. Hahahahahaha :nice:
  11. Well ummm im pretty sure that will be soon, so let me know how your isntall goes lol. I got to get my tlok before i put in nos. last thing i need on my slick track is to spin the tire loose in 3rd lol.
  12. :hail2: :hail2: :hail2: :hail2: WOW!!!
  13. Ok... no graphs yet... BUT...

    I did a 0-60 run with the Zex, using my x-cal and laptop to compute the time. While it's not absolute it is pretty consistent... My previous best run before the Zex was 6.5 seconds... Today, with not the best of my launches plus bottle pressure was down (heater is not installed yet... so it was about 800psi) I managed a 5.6! A That's nearly a second off my best! So with little practice... and bottle heater on... LOL!

    Ok.. have to go out and put my blowdown tube in... LOL
  14. 5.6? well you are well on your way to a 13 second run, thats for sure.
  15. yeah... launch was a little off... also we has something odd at the low RPMs on the dyno graphs... Like we were going way rich... Lidio's wideband decided to go on the fritz when he went to hook it up to my car... I'm going back a week from Satruday and will see about getting that straightened out.....

    but for now... 13's is a big step for me! LOL!
  16. well a gt doin a 5.1 runs a 13.5 so i think a 5.6 with that nitrous will yield you a 13.9, easily if you go above the 75 shot.

  17. Its progress atleast Scrming.. You must learn to crawl before you walk.. Learn to walk before you run.. Run 14's before you can run 13's.. Run 13's, before you can run 12's... You get the idea.. Your basically going in the right direction, so relax and enjoy the ride!
  18. LOL! Well the method of using the x-cal and laptop is not all that accurate... The g-tech I borrowed was more accurate... basically I think my 0-60 time is probably closer to 5.4 or so... I did get my blowdown tube in.. LOL
  19. Have you tested the launch with the ZEX in? I know you just put some new springs on, and wasn't too sure about the situation.. Does the ZEX squat the back down on launch like it did stock with the stock springs?
  20. I can honestly say that I was so nervous that I didn't pay much attention to that..... LOL! The nose definitely doesn't come up nearly as much as it did before...