See Just How Much The Shelby Gt500 Can Do

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  1. We’ve all seen the crazy horsepower figures the Ford Mustang a la Shelby GT500 has put onto paper and also the pavement in the past couple of model years. What we haven’t seen too much of is just what that sort of horsepower looks like when it’s unleashed by a driver with a serious lead foot. In the feature we have in store for you, one of the Motor Trend editors takes a 2013 Shelby GT500 Super Snake out through the paces to see just how well a (measured for parasitic loss) 747hp / 611 lb-ft empowered Ford Mustang handles the paces of cruising, some pressured driving, and of course what the 1/4 mile has in store…after a few nodding passes.

    Keep going to see video and check out the hard-to-refute results, and judge for yourself how manageable such power really is in a Ford Mustang…

    Source: AutomobileMag

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