How Carroll Shelby Shaped The Original Ford Mustang

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  1. In another documentary video release from Ford, in preparation for the 50th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang, we get another glimpse into the brain trust behind the sporting-up of the original pony car. The senior leadership (Lee Iacocca, et al) of Ford Motor Company put up the task to make something meager into a serious performance monster. And as you had better know already, it was Carroll Shelby and his team who were tapped to get the job done.

    As the story everyone knows goes, Shelby accepted the challenge full-on, and didn’t hold back a single ounce of bullish behavior in design and execution. Not even the cost-conscious accountants could get him to back down when he demanded performance results, mindfully disregarding any of the equipment costs. Why? Because you can’t always do something right if you’re trying to get by doing it cheaply.

    There’s a video we’ve snipped for you, below, which will tell you how Shelby got involved, how important a name is to a car, and also, just how the Shelby GT350 actually got its name…something to quiz your Mustang buddies about later on.

    Check it out and sound off, everyone!

    Source: Torque News

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