Selling (2.3 N/A Project car)

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  1. Yes this is listed in the Midwest Classifieds section that 4 people read (non from this section)

    OK this has taken a lot of going back and forth in my head and I have came to the conclusion that I do not have the time or the local help to complete this project. I chose to sell it all and go a different route.

    Please I am not looking to part anything out, I am going to list all that I know about this and the parts to be sold as a whole for the price I am asking. I know its tax time and someone out there is looking for a project car.

    Location: Bardstown, Kentucky 40004

    1. 1993 LX 2.3 N/A Hatch - Blue, was wrecked in 2006 and I have replaced the front end on it (hood, lights, header panel, fenders, bumper cover) Still has good alignment that was set prior to the accident. Auto Trans is NO GOOD and will not move (Neutral and Park work) Engine is good, coolant system is good, AC is going out, Heater is good, sun roof leaks some, hatch and doors do not. New Timing belt, New Starter, Dual Exhaust.

    2. I bought some parts for the engine swap that will all be included in this price.

    Short Block - 1986 Merkur with stock internals.
    Iron head - no internals
    Some cam (could have came from head)
    box of head parts (non roller)

    T-5 no bell Trans Only No other parts for the swap.

    Long Block:

    2.3 1986 Merkur ( I took this engine out of the car myself)

    Block with speed pro pistons
    Bob's Log Header
    t-3 (never used by me I purchased it with the parts, seems to be fine by looks of eye and all)
    Ranger Roller cam installed in hhead with all parts. fuel rail injectors and all stock parts other than listed for an 1986 Merkur

    Large and small VAM
    1 extra High Tech Cam - 205401
    PK-1 Computer

    $1000.00 cash and carry (no seriously you have to bring something like a trailer to take it because the trans dont work)

    PM me but I will check the thread once a day for questions.


    Engine Bay:

    Damage in Wreck:


    Current View:

    OK like I said I am not parting this out at this time. If someone does not buy the entire package I will make a 2nd go of the project before I say screw it all and scrap it. This is a limited time offer also before I decide to take it into the shop and rip it all apart in a mad rage.....
  2. don't do it!!!.....x2
  3. ahhh I have to, its a paperweight for me right now. the boy and girl are still 4 years from driving and I have to get things done on the 95 3.8 still. 1G will get me some springs and my bracing that I need