Shaved Door Handles

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  1. has good door actuators for shaved handles..
  2. i shaved mine and ran a looong cable similar to a bicycle brake cable from the door to the inner front fender and connected it to a handle that was hidden away. when/if the battery dies you just pull the handle and the door opens. keep in mind that you cant tell ANYONE about it or your car is as good as gone.
  3. aren't shaved handles against NHRA rules? i know that's the case in AZ, so if you ever want to take it to the track, you better research it first.

  4. No, it isnt against the rules... if you have no handles, you must run a window net. No biggie. ive researched it alot :)
  5. :jaw: what kind of hood is that!! ITs amazing! :nice:
  6. I would honestly prefer not to mention the company that made it. No offense, but i have only seen 1 other car with this same hood, and i kinda want to keep it that way. Everyone has very similar hoods on thier stangs, and being different has cost me alot in that department. so if anyone on here knows where it came from, i would please ask that you kept it on the low. :flag: from what they told me, they made a run of about 50 of them to test market, and had alignment issues, so they stopped production. They ended up selling about 20 of the hoods to the public, and the rest were bought by employees or destroyed.

    (i took the pictures down after i thought about it too much :p )
  7. Thats cool :nice: I was just curious, Im not really interested in getting one ive just never seen one and it looks badass! :D
  8. PM me the pic please, or email it to me at [email protected]. I would really like to see it, I won't let the secret get out!
  9. PM and email sent man...

    its not a secret honestly, i have just tried to keep it under wraps untill my car is done, so noone can say that i copied them... its difficult to be different in the mustang world :(