Shelby Cobra GT500 in Ann Arbor

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  1. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, here are four pics taken with my camera phone (yeah, don't ask about the quality - LOL):





  2. Wow, those are seriously the highest quality pictures i've ever seen!!


    The black is my fav. in person. Yellow looks pretty good as well.
  3. I liked teh pics too!

    ...what was the occassion & what were the GT's doin'?
  4. Man, you are so lucky. Thanks for the pics. :hail2:
  5. nice pictures

    next time let me turn on the lights thanks jay
  6. Shelby prototype

  7. kinda lightened up....

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  8. ..........

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  9. that car looks awsome

    -the boss
  10. I saw that one, Harry.

    He was in Dearborn on Telegraph a couple weeks back. The hood was a metallic color... like a silver/gold. He was parked at some drug store. I was with my mom when I saw it and just yelled.. HOLY ****.. out the window.. about freaked out the ol' lady.
  11. Cool, I snapped pics of this one on the way to work one morning last week.
    Immediately realized what was in my rearview far away and grabbed my camera.

    Manufacturer's plate, notice the "gascap" says Ford and not Shelby..hmmm

    Has production wheels, notice the valvestem is easily accessible unlike the concept/show vehicles

    She's turning into SVT headquarters. My turn was down the block :)
  12. sweet, thx for the pics Dyoct. you saw that baby coming up on ya uh...good eye.

    I don't think I've been as stoked over a car.
  13. Pictures of new Cobra on 696 in MI. I couldn't snap a picture of the big cobra on the fender but it looked like 6" tall!

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  14. Another

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  15. Dang, you MI guys are spotting these babies all over the place.

    'cept for the (your) pics I hadn't seen one (yet). Thx again.
  16. They must be all out testing that hood.
  17. I see this car everyday, it is sweet the hood is what there using when it comes out.... ;) it is pretty comfortable inside to.
  18. Pretty easy when the department you're interning for is right down the block. :banana:
  19. They havn't got a chance of keeping secrets with you around! Thanks a million :)
  20. LMAO. However my internship is over soon. And by the way Ford is looking, this experience may only be a resume padding experience