She's Gone...

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  1. Sold the 95 today. :(

    I loved that car, and had some awesome times with her over the past 5 years, but reality set in, and I couldn't justify keeping three Mustang convertibles (I know, who wouldn't want to have problems like that...). I tried to convince my wife to DD it when we move to the lower 48 this summer, and let me sell her Subaru, but it didn't work. The reality is, the 95 wasn't going to get driven much now that I have the 13, so I put her up for sale.

    It was a good decision, but I'll miss it nonetheless. Most people don't understand why I make such a big deal about that car, but you guys will get it. First, I was never a big fan of Foxes, since I started witfirst Gen Mustangs, and a fox didn't look anything like a Mustang to me. So I was pumped with the SN95 body style, with the styling cues of the originals, in an updated, better handling package. My 95 was the last year of the 5.0-until recently... and it ended the pushrod era. Plus, this car was pristine, and over my 5 years of ownership, I turned her into a pretty sweet little mild ride. We had fun, and she made the short Alaskan summers a lot more bearable.

    You guys also made a big difference. Great group of folks on here... I didn't realize how good until I started frequenting Shelby forums. I'll still be around, and will probably keep the avatar as a memorial.

    Thanks guys! It's been fun!
  2. This thread sucks.

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    But at leas you still have a Mustang(s) to enjoy.
  4. Don't let all those other Shelby owners corrupt you. Whatever you do, don't make eye contact.
  5. I'm sure you don't feel as bad when you drive the 13.....:nice:
  6. saw the car on craigslist. looked nice. what size tires were on it?
  7. It makes the emptiness bearable. :rolleyes:
  8. Thanks. Can't remember sizes off the top of my head. They were staggered front and back, but wheels were 17x8 all the way around. Rears were widest I could fit on the wheels.
  9. Although sad, going from a '95 to a '13 as a DD is pretty sweet.
  10. sucks but at least you moved in the right direction. although the best plan would have been to gut the shelby and put it all into the 95....
  11. That would have been cool, but then I would NEVER finish my 67... The reason I bought the 95 in the first place was to give me something to DD and enjoy while I finished the 67. Nobody told me the mod bug wasn't limited to First Gen owners...:confused:
  12. So now that it is gone, leave the Shelby alone and get the '67 done already so we can drool over it.
  13. I'm working on it. Finally got the last two fittings to finish up the custom fuel lines today. Then I can get the intake back on, install radiator (have to fab up some bottom brackets, but that'll be easy). Then comes finishing the wiring, and she'll be ready to start! If I get all that done before we move in August it'll be a miracle.:eek:
  14. Oh, and the 3.73s are in the Shelby, so no more mods for it until after the move.:rolleyes:
  15. I think you should keep the 95' and ditch the 13'. Keep the real Mustang and get rid of the chinese transmission knock off.

  16. Well, first, the 95 is already gone. Second, All three of my cars are (were) "real Mustangs"--sorry I don't get into that game. Pretty soon the only "real Mustang" happens to be the one the person talking owns. They're all Mustangs in my book. There are some that I prefer over others, but I don't dog on any of them...

    Third, my Tremec appears to have been made in either Knoxville, TN, or Mexico. I don't think they make any of their transmissions in China. The Gertrag is made in China.
  17. Oops, forgot you got a Shelby. That Getrag irks me to no end.

  18. I love my real mustang. 22,000 miles of hassle free awesomeness so far, woo hoo!
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  19. It was a beautiful car but sometimes we have to do what we have to do. Enjoy the shelby and be glad that it found a good home.

    P.s. I would trade my 94 for a shelby anyday.
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