Shooting at Virginia Tech

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  1. Well I was walkin to class this morning, and I see students standing on the sidewalks and cop cars speeding past. I was just like, great another bomb threat (there have been 2 in the past week). So I'm walking across the drill field to go to class, and all of a sudden a huge suv with cops holding shotguns tell me and other students to run back across. I was like, zomg wtf. Now there are like a million cops surrounding one building where the supposed shooter is hiding. I'm back in my dorm. It's all over the news, just turn on the tv.

    One person is dead. May he or she R.I.P.
  2. Holy chit :eek:
  3. Damn, thats terrible. When I was at tech I was living in Thomas hall, the next year I was supposed to be in West AJ but I had transferred by then.

    In that news link it says 7-8 additional casualties, I pray that is a mistake.

    Stay safe.
  4. Damn, CNN just showed a campus map and the drill field you said you were walking across was right between the 2 shootings
  5. Now they say AT LEAST 20 dead. I'm at a loss for words.
  6. holy ****. That must be terrifying having it be at your school

  7. Good Alibi!!!

    J/K man this is Fuuuucked up....2 bombs threats in the last week and then this..22+ people dead 28 injured.. can you say transfer. man my parents would have me outta there sooo fast. i wouldnt be surprised if the enrollment drops 50% this year
  8. i just heard about this from a freind of mine. i knew you and the guy with the red cobra go to school there so i immediately came on here to see if you guys were all right. man people do some messed up things :(
  9. "man this is Fuuuucked up...."

    MAn yu aint kiddn. WTF is up wit hthis world. :bang: :mad:
  10. Thanks man

    It's going to be really hard to read that list of people killed. Some of my friends aren't answering their phones or on their computers.

    And yeah, no one is going to want to come here next year. But, this could have happened anywhere.
  11. This is yet another appalling event that is hard to fathom. I can't even begin to image what the families and friends of students are thinking as they watch this on the news. It's horrifying. I am thoroughly convinced that our society as a whole is in complete an utter downward spiral. People have less respect for life...or anything for that matter, then ever before. It's sad to say that things don't look like they will be changing for the better anytime soon. My heart goes out to anyone who knows a student or faculty member there. And it's good to hear that your okay WhitestallionGT. I hope your friends are as well.
    - Justin

    P.S. - Now 22 dead and 26 more injured
  12. They are up to 32 dead now. :( This is so sad. The scariest thing is that this could have happened anywhere. My wife just left to teach (she is a professor at Penn State) and I'm really bothered by this.
  13. What a piece of ****. If you are going to kill yourself just do it, don't take other people with you.
  14. This is a very sad day and my prayers go out to all the families of the victims. I'm glad to hear you're alright man, and I hope to god all of your friends are alright as well. I can't imagine what must be going through the minds of parents and the students who go there such as yourself. I'm at a loss of words.
  15. just heard about this as i walked in the door to work--thought of Christian and Dan immediately.

    Dan's out of school, so he's in the clear, and good to hear you're alright, Christian.

    on a side note, i read something about an Asian guy being the shooter and i thought "Christian??? Nah...."

    R.I.P. to those unfortunate, unsuspected souls.
  16. This is making me sick, I'm still trying to hear from a few people.
  17. my prayers goes out to the families of all the victims... I'd really like to know how this person killed 32 people plus however many wounded without anyone stopping him. There seems like there is more to this story than the media is letting on... Im really interested in seeing how this all went down.
  18. worst campus shooting in US history. this is terrible
  19. Worst shooting ever. Atleast thats what they are saying on CNN.

    But how does someone just run around campus and NOT get caught?

    this is ****ing rediculous. I hate it when stuff like this happens.