Should I Trust Tmi & Cj Pony Parts To Make This Right?

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  1. Back in August I ordered new replacement upholstery for my Mach 1, as its seats are tearing up, from CJ Pony Parts. The upholstery was made by TMI. After waiting 6 weeks I demanded that they either ship my order or refund my money. A week later I received a package however the seats were wrong. They were suppose to have the gray stripe towards the top however they were entirely black. I've been dealing with them for 2 weeks trying to get them to make this right. Today I got an email from them saying that they want me to ship the upholstery back to TMI who will "put the correct color stripe in them" and send them back to me. I don't like the idea of them cutting the upholstery up and sewing it back together. I do not know how this will make them look and how well they will hold up. As TMI has already demonstrated that they are will to just dump whatever on me I don't trust that I will get a quality product back from them. On the other hand, my current upholstery isn't getting any better. Does anyone have any experience with either of these two companies? Any recomendations on whether I should let them try to correct them or not?
  2. Here is a picture illustrating my dilemma. On one side: shredding seats. On the other side: seats from an irresponsible company.

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  3. I've never had issues with CJ Pony Parts. Not sure about TMI but my dad had his seats in his Vette custom recovered locally at an upholstery shop and they did a bang up job. If TMI is an upholstery company I wouldn't have an issue with them redoing the work.
  4. I wrote CJ Pony Parts back and back and said I will agree to having them modified if they can guarantee that there will not be any loss in quality and if they can get them back to me in 4 weeks. I think this is reasonable.
  5. I have used TMI stuff in several cars and have had no issues. From the few times I have had to talk to their tech people, I have had good luck too.
  6. Good Morning Reimann, I am the Sales Manager here at TMI and subsequently I am also the one who has been dealing with CJ Pony Parts regarding your issue and return. First let me offer my apologies for your frustration, mistakes like this are never welcomed - secondly let me offer a quick explanation of how the mishap slipped through on our end. Our part numbers are gargantuan 28-40 number long part numbers - and each set of numbers calls out a certain detail about the seat, in your case the number used for the sides and back of the seat 741 was duplicated when the order was entered and used as the stripe color as well rather than the 402 that should have been used to create the correct silver stripe for the 03-04 Mach 1 Upholstery. It was an unfortunate slip on they keyboard that caused this whole issue.

    As for changing the stripe color, we'll of course pay to pick the incorrect seat backs up - fix them within 1 full business day of them returning - and of course, pay to have them shipped back to you.
    As for your concerns for quality - on that I guess I have a question for you, how do you like the quality of the seat upholstery you received (well, minus the incorrect stripe color of course)? If thus far, you are happy with the quality - then I can assure you 110% that that quality will continue and you will not notice 1 stitch off when you get the fixed upholstery returned to you. When your upholstery is brought back here, it is actually already set to come directly to my desk for me to handle - so I can make that promise with confidence. Furthermore, I can make you one more promise - IF you get the upholstery back and are not happy with the quality you receive - I will bring it back here on my dime and give you a full refund, so you do not have any risk involved.

    You can also reach me directly at: [email protected] or at: 800-624-7960 ext: 119

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!
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  7. Well then, if I need any interior stuff, I know who I'll get it from. :nice:
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  8. My dealings with TMI and Waylon were outstanding...I'm sure he will get it fixed up for you :)
    (I went with red)
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  9. I too have dealt with Waylon in the past and can assure you that he will make it right. He has gone above and beyond for myself and other members here to correct any minor issues that rarely occur. In my case, he fixed a problem that occurred with my order that happened months prior, before he was the even sales manager.

    Mistakes are made with all companies. It's how they are addressed that determines their standings from best, to worst. My advice would be to be patient and give him the opportunity to make it right and he will come through for you.
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  10. I sent the upholstery back on Monday.

    Thanks. I am looking forward to getting the updated covers.

    The issue isn't resolved yet. I'll post back once I receive the corrected upholstery and will let everyone know how it turns out. Reserve judgement until then.
  11. @Reimann - I received the upholstery Friday afternoon, it was repaired first thing this morning and is being shipped out the back door via UPS as I type this - below is a photo of the repaired upholstery. The florescent lights in our showroom reflected quite a bit in the photo I snapped with my Iphone - but I wanted to show you how they looked before we boxed them up:
  12. I thought I should update this thread. I did receive the updated upholstery and to TMI's credit they had to have where it was being shipped to changed after it was shipped as I had moved. The new (updated?) upholstery looked well though it had some pretty major creases in it, especially in one of the headrests. Those may have come out after it was installed though. So I give TMI an A on correcting the issue. They get a D for the initial order though since it took 7 weeks and came wrong.

    After moving the upholstery got shoved into a room and forgotten about for a while. Then the Mach 1 started having some problems... and then a lot of problems... and then about left me stranded on an interstate on ramp! After a difficult couple of days I determined it was best to trade it in on something new. Long story short (too late) I ended up with a fully decked out Fusion and upholstery I didn't need any longer. So I sold it on eBay for a loss.

    Here are my pictures of them.