show off your engine bay!

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  1. Lets see those engine bay pics :nice:.

    still got more work to go but this my most recent pic.

  2. all go and not much show :rolleyes:

  3. Slowly getting cleaner! :D


  4. lol whats the difference?

  5. :fuss:

    The intakes and VC's were powder coated dark grey. Does that count? :shrug:

    Actually I have a thread around here somewhere....I'm slowly just cleaning all the little bits, and painting all the bolts and brackets and junk. For example.....drivers side hood hinge and stuff.....can you see the difference? :D
  6. haha looking better. mobs color blind duhhhh! =O

  7. For real?

    You could at least see different shades right! Silver vs. black?! :fuss:

  8. Did you paint that intake?
  9. hahaha just given you a hard time I saw the intake and removed coil cover.

    25th where did you put your coil? Did the coil wire reach?
  10. Drivers side, bottom of the frame rail and it reaches with no worries. Cleans that side up a bunch and even the stock bracket worked well where I put it.
  11. Damn 25th, sweet engine bay. I'm used to looking at exterior pics of your car but you need to whore the engine bay more often :nice:.
  12. Yes. Way more work than it was worth, haha.
  13. hmm might end up doing that when I clean up my drivers side, no problems with water getting on it or anything? Do you daily drive your car? I dont remember.