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  1. so i noticed that the 5.0 section seems to be the only section that doesnt have a "post pics of your ride" type thread. so i figured itd be cool to see what everyones got. post up pics of your car(s), some info and future plans.
  2. IMG_0595-2.jpg

    91 5speed 67k original miles
    nothing really exciting, interior is in great shape, BEGGING for new wheels,and lowering springs

    big plans, but its a very slow process.
  3. Sig... should tell you everything about it and a picture.
  4. Well heres mine,my plans are a roller conversion to the 360w,my turbo system i'm making, front tublar k member and arms that i wanna make and coil overs in front,paint the hood,install my rear anti roll bar i made,install my SFC i made,tighter possi,go to 3.73 gears from the 3.55's i have and i think thats about it?Oh wait get a CD player for it oh and a cage if needed,and drag wheels.peace
    I bought the car like this:








    This is after i did a little work to it:


  5. Here is min. Gotta get some updated pics.

  6. smokedya, can i get some motor details? thats the setup im working towards (afr 185s, TFS R), just curious what else it has if it made 319hp
  7. Nothing fancy about mine but it's a nice, clean '95 GT.

  8. here's mine...............for now :nice:

    before it ended up on jackstands, it was running a stock 302 w/ flowmaster mufflers.......and that's pretty much it.

    plans are a mild 351, mild suspension upgrades, possibly a smoothed engine bay, possibly a 5 lug conversion, and new paint......oh yeah, all of this on a budget :nice:


  9. Dam john that stang coming along great!!!!!:nice:
  10. 87 GT vert. I'm the second owner. I got it from a 68 year old man that bought it brand new. It was 100% stock down to the air silencer.

    Here is the day I bought it in April of 2009


    Here it is as of now.
    Redone interior
    new paint & top in 2005
    Cobra wheels
    shorty headers
    catted H pipe
    smog stuff removed
    Dynomax exhaust
    K&N air filter
    Hurst billet shifter
    373 gears
    luggage rack removed
    6 new speakers
    2 10's and 1200 amp in trunk
    6G alt upgrade
    6000K HIDs
    white face reverse glow gauge faces
    Contour duel electric cooling fan
    saving to build a stroker motor








  11. i really like the gauge package you have. looks like there is one more thing i'll have to add to the list.
  12. hid's without retrofit ftl. :notnice:
  13. Thanks! I got them from UPR. I work about 2 miles from their Florida location.

    What's that mean??
  14. um Trick flow R intake,AFR 185 58 cc heads,ARP head studs and ARP all threwout the motor,flat tappet lunatti cam,42#injectors, 90mm accufab TB, 90mm lightning MAF,BBK :mad: L/T's, MSD dizzy,MSD coil,FRPP 9mm wires,SCT chip,FRPP billet steel fly wheel,spec stage 2 clutch,motorcraft plugs,1974 100% stock block 351w bored 40 over.Made this power at the wheels on 8.1 compression and small cam. peace

  15. thanks
  16. 87GT Drop Top how tight was the install doing those HID headlights? did you use stock housing's? got pics of the lights on and how tight the install was? peace

  17. No pictures with the lights on. Next time it's out of the garage I will take some. There was no clearance or fit issues at all. Plug and play. I have stock replacement headlight buckets from Blue Oval Industries. The install take 10 to 15 minutes. The hardest part is finding a place to mount the ballists. I mounted them in the bumper. I will be doing the fog lights next. My wife got them for me for Christmas, a long with a set of LX tail lights.