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  1. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    Holy **** that's funny
  2. PWNT

  3. :owned: I agree, nothing wrong with trying to make your car look awsome, i have no beef with that, but seriously....your talking to a group of guys/girls who can call :bs: a mile out, if you dont know for exactly sure all your info, dont post like you do, it only makes you look dumb. That may be hard to take, but its best advice you will ever get. I suggest you guys take it, those who humble themselves are the ones who learn the most, i dont know much and thats why im here. Maybe that same attitude would be helpfull to you :rolleyes:
  4. Muh'stang well put! when i first saw this bill post, i said "bullsh**". no way in hell this guy is for real. the mods now maybe close to 12s,but that other stuff come on. im glad im not the only one that thinks this bill kid is full of,well you know.
  5. I've got a boatload of parts in the garage also, I guess that makes my 89 stang where I was going to put all these parts really really fast, who knows, maybe even low 10's. Oh yeah, I mean't after I fix the head gasket thingy. G I M M E a Break! I know , I'll post a video Of my awsome smoking burnout my 91 na can do anytime. Oh, anybody got some bleach and waste oil so I can make it look like 700 hp? Bottom Line,-you came in here b.s. ing to start . Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. I will not believe anything you post in here. Maybe you can listen to me now and hear me later. There is a life lesson to be learned somewhere in this rambling. :bang: :nonono:
  6. hey..

    The funniest thing is im not lieing about a single thing. Maybe i came of "gay" but everything we said we were not lieing. He was gettin a 10,000 dollar engine and didnt he cancelled it. He does have a gsx i have pics of his car i have pics of the parts he got ill make a video. Like i said ask and you can see im not blowin smoke up nobodys ass. I came here to learn about mustangs make fun of me i dont care. My friend bill does have a gsx i do have a site thats gettin rebuilt we do sponsor cars I do build websites with my friend bill i have a 93 mustang lx that is in great condition. Thats me so if me introducing my self the first time was messed up then i hope you like the 2nd time. Why would i come in here and say i got something i dont wouldnt i make up a better car to have?

    O and next time ill film me takin my rims out and putting them on and then driving down the street then layin tire... cmon dude oil... its called neutral slam into drive foot on break gas slammed u can do the same thing u just need rims...and it kills the tranny.
  7. oh I forgot putting bigger rims on makes the tires spin better. :bang: :doh:
    HOLD on, NO I DIDNT! You almost had me there you sneaky bugger. :rlaugh:
    heres 2 pics of my car
  8. Nice car did you convert the whole thing to a 5.0. Or just the looks?
  9. I would like to show you what a real 12 sec GSX looks like. Click the link and then click Kirby's Eclipse. Take a look at the mods you wont see a DVD player nor a "gage pod" as a mod.
  10. Dude im not talking stuff or any thing but my friend bills eclipse is faster than that he also just got nas. Everything is getting put on that he got and it will be out of the shop in a week. Im not trying to brag with the nitrous hell be in the low 12s so how are you showing me a real 12 sec gsx? I wish i could see his engine better

    If you wanna see the car or the parts ask and ill show you i have his exhaust and stuff.
  11. But he has a nice car bill has the sam bov. I am about to get a tsi for 2000 right now its a 1g if he has any more pics of his car i would like to see them.
  12. NAS!? Where do I get that shtuff? I forgot, your rims are about 7 pounds lighter then the stock ones, but they have probably 20% more contact area where the rubber meets the pavement (traction). Are you sure you didnt just have a full tank of gas when you tried with the stockers? Or maybe it was dry summer, and not wet winter?
    I get my liscence back in a month, by then it (my car) should be displacing about 5.2L's, replicating a boss 302-except fuel injected and 15 more cubes. If I hit 13s in the 1/4 I'll be happy, since my ~320hp engine is only costing me $1500, and the car (including appearance mods) cost me $1700.
  13. OMG, are these guys at it again?



  14. I think theyre pretty funny. If you read all of nitrousrush's posts on this page they are really pretty funny :lol: "I got nas man and my butt-end is lighter with my dubs on this ****zle yo." :rofl: