Side Window Streaks

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  1. Hey... yet another post from me =).

    I also have a problem with windows streaking... I believe it is from one of the components inside the door rubbing against the window when i roll the window up and down like I said I have a 05 Mustang GT... I got my windows tinted and then it was worse cause I see it more now and i'm hoping that it does rip my tint off because they don't cover that kinda thing. I heard others were having the same problems with their mustang... did anybody find a fix for it yet?
  2. Yep, there is a product out there called Moleskin that you can install on the inside of your door. I used the soft side of some industrial grade velcro that worked just fine.

    It's real easy to install, all you have to do is roll your window down, unscrew a few screws around the door panel, pull the door panel back and have a friend pull the channel out from the side of the door (you'll see the channel when you pull the door panel back). Stick the velcro or Moleskin to the inside of the channel where it would touch the window and your good to go!

    There were a few threads on the over at some of the other sites (TMS), I'm not sure if there were any here, but it would be worth searching.

    Sorry mods for the cross reference to a different forum, but here is an exact write-up on how to install it...

    Whoops, can't link to TMS, basically, go to TMS and do a search for Moleskin and look for TacoBill's Hotlinks, he has a write up in there.
  3. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! =) That's gonna be a tremendous help!
  4. When I had my winds tinted they told me that Ford did not put the flet strip along the top of the door where the window rolls up and down.. for $50 they added it to both doors... no streaking on my winds or damage to the tint.
  5. Good deal, I added mine before I took it to get tinted. Wow $50?

    I think I paid $10 for the roll of Velcro and installed it myself with a friend after reading the instructions. I've been around 3000 miles so far rolling the windows up and down quite a bit (I don't use the AC too much) and no scratches, streaks or squeels yet.
  6. The mole skin will not fix that problem. I have moleskin and I have tinted windows. what you see is the window mechanism that rolls the window up and down. I have the same problem. I just use a good window cleaner to remove it...
  7. I too have that problem. I just got off the phone with Ford and was told that it was due to the tint being too thick. ANyway, I just thought I'd give them a chance before I messed with the window mechanism. I have streaks about 2.5 inches wide going down both front side windows. There's some kind of guide down there that has some kind of cloth on it that has apparently worn out. I have to replace it I guess.

    That means I have to take the door panels off...not looking forward to that.
  8. +1 Tint Protector works great. Remove to screws and pop your door panel open. You don't have to remove it. A 9 year old could do it.
  9. You also should make sure that your window belt moldings are clean too.
  10. It's easier to just install the Tint Protector kit than have to clean the molding every time you head off for a drive but I do agree that it's the sand and dust gathering in there that causes the scratching.