Slightly faded clear coat, not peeling, how to restore the factory shine?

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  1. It is not on my Mustang but I just bought a super nice 99 Toyota Tacoma TRD with about 110k on it. It is white and I noticed the clear coat is just a little faded and the paint has dirt in it. It is a little worse on the hood and roof with a few oxidation marks on the roof. It just looks like the truck was not waxed enough. It is all original paint and never wrecked. There is not a ding or a scratch on this thing and all it needs is to have the shine restored. What should I use to get it back? Thanks in advance
  2. I think a good way to bring the shine back to faded paint is:
    1) Claybar(since you said that the finish has dirt in it).
    2) Some type of Polishing compound/swirl remover if the paint isn't scratched.
    3) A quality wax to finalize and seal the luster.

    I just did the same porcedure on my newly purchased 98 GT, and it came out beautiful.
  3. Funny I just did a paint resto a 98 too-low miles, but I don't think they ever washed it.

    Here's my "formula"-this takes some time though

    Paint Cleaner

    I prefer Meguiars products, but Mothers also has good products (or so I hear).

    Clay will pull out the stuff in the paint that makes it feel rough when you run your hands over it. The cleaner will remove streaks and dirt. The polish will "feed" the paint, restoring essencial oils. The wax will protect it, and add shine.

    When using the clay, spray lots of the detailer that comes with it on the paint, and gently glide the bar over the paint-don't push. Also, break the bar into two pieces just in case you drop one (because that makes it junk).
  4. Invest in a DA Polisher. I got mine this weekend from Mequairs and it works great and saves a lot of time with better results.
  5. Do you have any detailing supplies? Do you have a DA? If not, I suggest you buy one and invest in a lot of "professional" supplies. If you want more specfics, I'll be happy to recommend a lot of products. This will not only be one of the best investments for your Mustang but it might be able to fix the problems on the Taco.

    Like I said below, the DA might not be able to remove the oxidation. It might need something like the Flex or a rotary. However if you've never used a DA or have anything experience with a rotary, don't jump to that conclusion and answer. It's very possible and likely that you'll do more damage.

    I agree but it's very possible that the oxidation won't be removed by a tool like a DA. It might need a rotary, especially since we haven't seen pictures. It's hard to give advice without pictures for something like this.
  6. I can't tell you how many oxidized paint jobs I have resecued with a clay bar and Zaino.