Sn95 Dash In A Fox Help

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  1. Going to try and put my 98 dash/console in my 89.
    I know few here have done it but I'm hoping they'll chime in.

    My steering rack is aftermarket and the flaming river ujoint has the D shaped end for the sn95 shaft. and spines for the rack.
    This won't work on the fox shaft due to the shape difference, is my understanding?

    The SN95 shaft has a bearing in the firewall that bolted in but needs welded onto the fox firewall? Can this be bolted? Or what is the specific issue

    Are the dash mounting points similar or do new points need welded on?
    Is it easier to swap the fox frame into the sn95 pad or to swap the entire assembly?
    The info I can find on other forums has been surprisingly unhelpful
  2. I will not help you for the mere fact that you are doing what I am doing and you will have finished two cars before I can finish mine.
  3. Actually, I completely understand haha
    Think I talked myself through it anyways.
  4. Pictures or it didn't happen :nice: