so who traded in there old mustang

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  1. i recently traded my 03 V6 (still miss the hell out of it) for a ZX2... the $4000 rebate helped me with not overloading the balance of what i owned on the stang. plus when i got that stang last may, it had a 2k rebate.
    the reason for the trade is im saving for the 05 GT ill get in late 05 and im keeping both cars........ didnt want to pay inshurance on 2 mustangs. im tired so this post may be jiberish :/
    i got 13k for credit on the stang.
  2. I have a 1966 that my dad bought new. My daily driver is a 1996 GT that I bought new. In 2006 I'll be buying a SVT. I really don't think I could let one of my babies go.
  3. How is the ZX2? They look a whole lot better with the new face, espicialy in that dark gry color. Is it pretty light? what kind of rear suspension? Sorry for all the questions, just curious.
  4. I traded in both my '98 GT Vert and my '02 Ford Focus ZX5 on an '01 Lincoln Navigator so it will be my turn for new car in '06. ;) I have to drive an '00 Dodge Stratus :( or my Yamaha R1 :nice: in the meantime.

  5. Addict

    I sold my 98 Gt blk about 9 months ago cause it was giving me troubles now i got a bran new one thats been in the shop more then on the road UGH ( its not a mustang though ) so now im just waiting for it to be a year old so i can trade and get another Mustang ( cant wait ) :spot:
  6. I keep trading up. I traded my '91 LX for a '97 V6 and then traded it for my '02 GT. I guess the next trade will be for a Cobra! :D That's a little ways off right now though. I am currently enjoying the hell out of my GT.
  7. Every trade cost us fortune. Dealers make money out of it. I get rid of my '98 V6 and bought new '03 Sable for $14K. I wonder how would I survive this winter with 'stang as only car.
  8. The ZX2 is my mule, i dont really like it but i guess i would if i was a lil younger and underpayed........
  9. I've got a 94 GT that I would never trade in to a dealer, cause it's paid for and worth a whole lot more to me than I would be able to sell it for. I think a dealer would offer between $2K-3K! I'll probably lease a Cobra since Ford has decent lease rates, unlike a few years ago. Maybe I'll buy, just can't get rid of the 94 at the moment.

    My wife agrees that since I've stuck it out so long with the 94 GT, we deserve to get the Cobra in 06 instead of the 05 GT. She's afraid that I may regret getting the GT if the Cobra turns out to be so much better, powerful, and faster. Don't see many Cobras around now, but loads of GT's are everywhere. I'd like something with some extra ponies to finally be a step ahead of most.
  10. I want to buy the Cobra in 2007. I am not sure if I will sell or trade-in my current 2002 V6 Mustang for a 2007 Cobra though. I may just keep my Mustang V6. I really love this car. For me to sell it, it will depend on how nice it will look and how well it will run. If it's still in really good shape, I might keep it. If it looks too beaten and rusty, I will sell it or trade it in for a brand new Mustang Cobra.

    I also own a 2001 Mustang GT. I really want to keep this one forever if I can. I don't drive GT very much. It only has 1,279 original miles on it.

  11. I'm confused. didn't you purchase additional warranty for your '01 GT cause your factory one is expiring?
    What the hell can happen to car with 1K miles on it??
  12. 2000gt 30k miles traded it in for a mach...then new in 06. i didnt wanna be a test bed
  13. 02 GT traded in for 03 Mach, maybe get a new Mustang in a couple of years.
  14. Do you keep on banging your head on the roof too? I swear I will ghetto the roof clearence with a 20lb mallet one day. My passenger window leaks like a SOB at carwashes. It comes in handy when you pick up a hot chick with a white t-shirt. "Oh darn, my car is dirty - do you mind if we stop here for a minute" :D

  15. I purchased the extended warranty because I want to keep the GT and start putting miles on it starting in the springtime. Also, I feel that many things can go wrong with the car just like with lots of owners in here who have had to change their transmissions, engines, heads, computer chips, ect. on their Mustangs. I want to be safe rather than sorry and have to spend thousands of dollars for trannies, engines, computer modules and other stuff that will break on my GT.
  16. Traded in the '01 GT for an '03 Mach 1.

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