Solution found for '04 owners with mach 460 stereo?

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by Pyros, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. I called up scosche ( ) today to ask them if they had anything for the '04 mach 460 system. The tech support informed me that they just came out with a harness for it which will run both the highs and lows unlike the metra one. The part number is FD23 and i found it on and ordered it today. Hopefully this works :S
  2. Cool, I can put my deck in now,,,, thanks for the update!
  3. excellent...hopefully this works, I just ordered one as well. can finally put my mp3 player in the stang
  4. Just ordered one too, keep those fingers crossed!!
  5. oh believe me mine are crossed... mine was shipped on friday so hopefully it'll be in today
  6. What's the difference in the 04 mach 460 system compared to the rest? I'm looking for a way to hook up an aftermarket head unit with my mach 1000. Will this harness work for my 02?
  7. double post oops
  8. For some reason the 04 needs a different harness. I think there is already one out there for the 02?? Someone else chime in..
  9. well...mine came in today...its says right on the package--:not for use on amplified systems. Part # FD-23B not sure what the b is...I ordered the FD-23
  10. Yeah mine says the same, but the front says "Ford pwr / 4 spkr conn", only way to find out is to hook it up I guess.
  11. I hooked it up...doesn't sound AS good as the stock system....b/c it doesn't use the stock amps...but it does the job untill I decide to throw new speakers and my amps in..I can now play mp3s again!!
  12. wait... so this bloody wiring harness bypasses the factory amps?!?!?!?!
  13. yup...and it seems I jumped the gun on how it sounds. After driving to work last night and REALLY listening to it it sounds prety crappy...dopn't know why I didn't notice before...
    it sends most of the sound for the front speakers to the window doors...the mid range woofers on the bottom do not get anything. There is only one plug...for the harness while there is two in the for the amps one for everything else.... :notnice:
  14. That sucks,,, anyone want to buy a useless harness,,, you would think they would have their s*@t togeather,,, looks like I will have to re-wire the whole car.
    Scosche you suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :notnice: :notnice:
  15. ugh.. this is retarded... sorry guys... i have a useless harness coming now too... i'm going to call up their tech support and **** tomorrow
  16. The deck powers your tweets, and when you use that harness it only powers the tweets. there is another plug which must be used to power everything up. Mach sucks ass when you try to change parts out!
  17. Hey guys... all is not lost i dont think.. a guy from the local mustang club told me to get this:

    (Item #LRS-14409B )

    its an amp bypass harness.. says only up to '98 but its supposed to work on the '04 mach 460 system also... i'm going to order it and try it out... i'll post my results as soon as i get it in
  18. Please post quickly with results, Im taking a hammer to this harness soon!!
  19. any word yet? really want to see this work....
  20. quick question? whats wrong with the stock system? i have a 460 6cd and i love it? is there something i dont know thats not good about it? i thought it was a great stereo compared to the one in my camaro, loud and high quality.