Speaker adapter bracket

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  1. For anyone that need a template to convert the 6x8 opening on the 94+ cars to a 6.5", I made one up in AutoCAD for anyone that needs it. I made it so you can run the bolt that sticks out of the bottom of the door through it and use the nut to keep the bracket tight against the door. You'll have to drill one hole opposite the bolt to keep it pretty stable so it doesn't vibrate. I made one and it fits fine.
    You'll need a .DWF viewer or if you have AutoCAD, I can send you the .DWG file. I did it this way to get it scaled correctly, that's why I didn't make a .jpg. If anyone needs one drawn up using a certain speaker, just give me the O.D. and cutout diameter and I'll draw one up for you. BTW, the one I pictured is for the CDT CL-61's. I know it can be a pain to get it right, so I thought this might help some here.

    Here's a couple of pics:

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  2. eww autocad. i like solidworks. not sure if i want any speakers cuz im not sure if im gonna continue to mod my car