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  1. so i have a 01 v6 mustang and just bought 2" lowering springs from eibach and was wondering if i need a compressor to be able to do the job on my own....if not do all need is a jack? thanks
  2. You need a compressor. Please don't try to do it without one, it's just not safe. You can buy a compressor, or you can rent them from most auto parts stores for a pretty reasonable fee.

    Take it slow, get some help if you can, and be extremely careful. Those springs store an awful lot of energy, and I've seen a lot of too-close-for-comfort calls. If one of those fires off, at best you can hope to only damage part of your garage or car, at worst you lose a limb or worse.
  3. Compressor aren't safe. Get a chain or something sound and tie the spring to something sturdy on the suspension. Then just lower the A arm down slowly while you stand AWAY from it. Then it should come out with a little extra effort. Been doing that for a long time now without any problems and I still have all my body parts!

    The most important thing is to just be safe and think it through. It's not rocket science or anything, but you should repsect the springs energy.
    The rear springs don't carry much and will fall right out. But the front ones still have some left in them after you lower the A arm.