SRT-4 can wax a '05 Mustang GT?

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  1. I was at a wedding last night when I got into a conversation with some younger guys. They said a SRT-4 can lay waste to a new 'Stang GT. They said they were dissapointed at how slow the new cars were. The one had a '93 Talon and he said he can keep up with them. I dunno, I personally thought they were confused ricers, what do you think?
  2. quote from car and driver

    "The '03 car ran to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds and cleared the quarter in 14.1 seconds at 102 mph. The '04 model nipped 0.3 second off the 60-mph sprint (5.3 seconds) and ran the quarter in 13.9 at 103 mph. Braking from 70 mph (169 feet), roadholding (0.86 g), and top speed (153 mph) were all about the same for both models."

    Looks like the 04 would come down to driver skill 0-60 but would come up short in the 1/4.
  3. Drivers race...

    At least the Mustang will look better even if it loses...
  4. no way, ive taken out plenty(2) of srt-4's in my 03 GT, from a stop of course. and a 93 talon? definatly no way. my 92 would have killed that thing even when it was stock
  5. Stock vs Stock should go to the Mustang (it's like 4 tenths faster).

    Now if the guys are turning up the turbo then it'll be the neon.

    Who admits to owning a 93 talon anyway?????
  6. I owned a modded SRT4 (stage 1, wga, intake, catback, etc) for a while and I can attest that the SRT4 is no joke. The SRT4 is most impressive from a roll and stock for stock will beat the 05 Mustang GT from a roll, from a dig its a drivers race.
  7. I completely mauled some poor kid in a modded early 90 talons. No way it can "keep up."
  8. stock v. stock... yea I'd say they were smoking some good stuff. :)
  9. I wouldn't care if it is faster than the's a ricey crapwagon that says "teenager" all over it, and looks like ass.
  10. the srt-4 wooped in a roll. i was in 4th gear. he probed dumped 3rd and got all the turbo to do it though.
  11. Don't get me wrong I love my stangs, but early nineties dsm's, ( talons eclipses and lasers) if taken care of are very good cars and just as moddable as mustangs. I am currently looking for a talon tsi to accompany my mustangs.
  12. i will say that they are quick. but i have raced one that had some things done to it. it was afew time from a roll. it was just the same as my 05 gt. i know that from a stop i would win, but from a roll it is who ever hits the gas first.
  13. I have a friend who has one and we raced one night, he was running 10 lbs of boost and I took him the whole way, although they can be made really fast, but then your not comparing stock for stock.
  14. My brother has one its pretty fast.
  15. I ran a modded SRT-4 in my car from a dig. I got about 2 car lenghts on him and he caught me at 100 but the race was over by then...And i drive a "slow" 96...

    ...from a roll...well let's just say that whine and blow off sound cool going by...
  16. Stock for Stock, an SRT4 will lose to a 99 + stang, let alone a 05.
  17. plain and simple you are wrong (sorry).

    The SRT4 will beat (easily in some cases) the 99-04 GT in the 1/4 and its a drivers race against the 05. The SRT4 will hit high 13's stock with traps over 100mph

  18. I've seen bone stock 99 + GT's run 13.8 and trap at 99 - 100 MPH. Plain and Simple you are wrong (sorry)
  19. just looked at the srt-4 site and it says it can go 0-60 in "around" 5.8 seconds.. excuess me if i have been reading the wrong car mags but i believe the stang has been shown to be somewhere in the 5.2 range or lower... i dunno but just from the numbers i cannot see how a srt could beat a new stang much less woop on it. the stang is faster in the 1/4 mi as well as 0-60.. maby if you take a stock stang with a modded srt thats about the only way one could be beat. either that or some people should just learn how to shift... lol

  20. I agree. The SRT-4 is not that tough in stock form, but with all factory bosted cars, they can be modded to produce more power pretty easily.

    Stock for Stock, I would not worry about a SRT-4 at the track, besides WTH races from a roll anyway :rolleyes:
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