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Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by shoobs99svt, May 3, 2008.

  1. Wierd problem that ive never seen before on anything!

    Day 0... car starts fine, first time cold and everytime after.

    Day 1... first start of the day, cold, I get one "click" similiar to solenoid closing but neither the starter or motor turn at all. Second through tenth attempt I get no "click" this time and still no starter or motor turn. Neighbor and I bump start it and I let the car warm up... turn it off... let it sit maybe 2 minutes... and then it started just fine. It started just fine for the rest of the day, maybe 10 starts.

    Day 2... same as Day 1: no start when cold, one "click" once, I bump start it, starts just fine there off.

    Day 3... same as Days 1 and 2: no start when cold, one "click" once, I bump start it, starts just fine there off.

    The battery is within a year old, and had tested good about 2 months ago. Nothing leads me to believe that it's bad, radio, windows, etc work just fine before first start. No battery light when the car is running, voltmeter shows normal too so im assuming a good alternator.

    But ive never heard of a starter and/or solenoid that works 100% of the time except first start of the day...??? :shrug: Any takers?
  2. If you haven't already done so, chase your ground wires (especially at the battery) for a loose connection - a loose ground wire can be the culprit in scenarios similar to the ones you are describing.

    You can also try connecting a length of wire to the neg battery terminal (temporarily - for troubleshooting purposes) to a chassis ground to see if that helps any.

    If that doesn't work, then check the starter itself (three bolts to remove it - getting to one or more of the bolts can be a PITA though). Have the battery re-checked as well.

  3. Problem solved (so far)...

    Everything that I could see from the top down looked good, wires, battery leaking, etc... Took it to Sears to get the battery checked for a second time, mostly because it was the cheapest part to replace first off.

    The battery tested good 2x in the shop and then it wouldnt start again, at all. They went ahead and warrantied out the battery and sent me on my way even though it checked out good.

    Problem solved. Its started every time since, whether it was a loose cable that was tightened in the swap or the battery that checked out "good". Either way no $$ out of my pocket so far and it runs so...
  4. *BUMP*

    Alright unfortunately were back to square one :nonono: Two weeks ago the car set for 6 days then failed to start. Last week it sat for 5 days and started fine. This weekend it would start maybe 2 out of 3 attempts. Same problem, new battery, not happy.

    Any ideas?
  5. I've had a problem like this, and it took tries with new starters to fix it.