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Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by exhausted, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. got a 2001 5 speed and considering going to auto. Is this simple coversion. what parts do I need other than the transmission. Would a dealership dig in my wallet deep for this job?
  2. a dealership will dig in your wallet deep for anything.
  3. 5spd to auto?? usually it's the other way around. There's always people on here asking about swapping from Auto to 5spd...maybe you could talk with one of those people and simply trade parts. That way you both get what you want at little to no expense.
    just a thought,
  4. trade ya!
  5. I would consider trading for an auto. Iam sick of shifting! plus my wife refuses to drive a stick so when her car breaks down do i hear it :bang:
  6. I would def. trade you. I have always wanted a 5 speed and I am always looking for one. :nice:
  7. You would need the transmission, driveshaft, torque converter, wiring components, and a computer flash so the computer would shift the car. All in all, probably an easy 3-4k. Perhaps more. Depending on who does the install. I also dont recommend the dealership. They will rip you off big time. Now if youre car is still under warranty and would like it to stay that way after the swap, then yeah, the dealship should do it.
  8. I'd get one of those nice Lentech or Level 10 auto trannies. Then have a mustang speciality shop install it. Can't go wrong with a mustang shop.
  9. So are exhausted and bowens99GT trading their transmissions, or what??

  10. alot of the turbo stang guys run auto's for more consistent times...
  11. I'll Trade ya! :nice: