Stroker 4.6l 2v with a Vortech BE si supercharger won't start and missing when it does.


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Oct 27, 2015
Ok so I have a Stroker motor from MMR and running a Vortech Supercharger BE so after cooled system. This car is set up drag racing the only codes that are popping up are trans codes because I have a 3 speed Manuel shift 4r70w in the car now. I have a Edelbrock intake BBK throttle boddy a SCT BA3000 MAF and many extras. MSD coil packs. The car ran and drove fine till I shut it off and did a few months to it and then 2 months later it wouldn't start. I pulled the plugs all where Black except cylinders 5 and 6 were wet fuel. Car will not start and when it trys to it spots and sputters. I'm lost. Had a tuner guy come and it had a cam.sensor code which was fixed by replacing the cam gears back to stock. I also have a SCT tuner . Any one have issues or a build like this? I have also purchased a Referb PCM have t put it in yet tho. Running 4slb injectors.


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