1. i hate stupid people that think there in the fast and the furious or somethin. i was drivin and a beater wagon starts riding my bumper so i had to slow down and he gos into the other lane and zig zags through heavy traffic. once traffic brakes up i see him way up front punchin it, so i floor so i can catch him and let this A hole know what i think of his drivin. as im cathing up to him and about to come beside him all of a sudden he goes into my lane and when i try to go in he other lane to pass him he blocks me in then puts on his hazzards like he won a race or somethin. ohh well at least i made him happy thinking he "smoked" a mustang lol.

  2. I got mad cuz some jerk was riding my bumper once... I was on a side street and it was a one lane road, so I slowed down to about 5mph and put my hazards on just to **** the guy off. It certainly did, and it was funny as hell. He was honking his horn and 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me' for about 2 miles. I stoped after that... cuz going slow got annoying, but it was still fun.
  3. I had this happn last night and the guy almost wreckd my SVO. We came to a stop sigh and I was going slow since I had a slurpy driving a stick :) So he gased it and went around me. The next stop sign he stoped to **** me off. I was like ok and back up a hair and floored going sideways by him lol. Once I got a few feet in front of him ( SVO fans don't read this lol ) I slammed on the brakes hoping he would hit me lol. I got out on a main road and quckly turned down this alley to head back home. About a block down i stopped to pick up my slurpy and it did not spill either :) Next thing I know this truck pulls up behind me so I got in my car and tuned off on this road to let them by. Guess who it was ?? It was that same Yukon that was being a jerk and no following me home. So I stoped car and ran at them, but they drove off lol After a few sec I took off after them but couldn't find them :(