Supercharged Gt Totaled... Now What?

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  1. hey guys, it's been awhile since i've been on here, but I figured since I might not be a mustang owner soon I might as well get a few last opinions. I lost control of my 2001 vortech supercharged gt vert and jumped a curp into a ditch at about 35 mph. The front bumper ripped off and the radiator and frame support around it (crossmember? not sure of the name) were bent back. The tires and one rim was also damaged. Motor runs fine and there is not drivetrain damage, and airbags were not deployed. The only thing I would need to get this thing streetable again is a radioator that doesnt leak, and probably a new crossmember. Unfortunatley due to the "frame damage" it was deemed totalled. However I have the option of cancelling the claim with allstate and still keeping a clear title. Should I fix this myself, or would yall not **** around with frame work? I am pretty mechanically savy, I installed the supercharger myself and my brother can weld which may help with the crossmember. I absoutly love this car it makes 450hp and has one of a kind paint. I also have the option of taking $6,900 for the car, then I am able to buy it back with a salvage title for 800 bucks. I know I could sell it with the supercharger for way more than 800 in craigslist. How hard is would it be to fix the radiator and frame? Or should I just cut my losses and take the money? If I take the money, what could I get for 6,900 plus whatever I could sell the car for? I'm so confused. I really want to fix it. Any ideas? Thanks so much for any reply's in advance!

  2. No you don't. Whether you buy back the car or DON'T buy back the car, has nothing to do with whether or not it is totaled. When the insurance company reports back to motor vehicles that you bought back the car and that a check was issued for damages, then the value of that check is compared to the value of the car.

    That's what determines whether or not your title is "salvaged".

    You need to get estimates for the frame damage and other repairs. Some frame damage is non-repairable. It is a uni-body after all.
  3. If you can get the car back for $6100 ($6900-$800), that's what I'd do in a heart beat. Unless the car is in tip-top shape, I wouldn't value it at more than $7k or so anyway. So getting $6100 for the car, blower could easily get a couple grand, running motor and transmission are worth a grand or more, complete rear end is worth several hundred, plus all the miscellaneous parts you could probably sell....yea, that's not a question. Put that 10 grand towards another car you want.
  4. thanks for the responses.

    Noobz347, that's what I thought too, but I spoke with the allstate total loss department the other day and they said if I cancelled the claim it would still be clean. Proceeding with the reimbursement for the totaled vehicle is what stamps the car with a salvage title... at least according to this guy.

    sneaky98gt, that's a good point and probably what I plan on doing. I've only had the car supercharged for a few months so it's a damn shame this had to happen this early. I may take the money, buy it back, and try and "ghetto rig" the radiator and upper frame rail and drive it around this summer with a salvage title just to get a little more time out of her.
  5. Ok here's the deal (I am an insurance adjuster btw) the reason that they have deemed your car a T/L total loss is because the repairs exceed a certain percentage of the total value of the vehicle. If you cancel the claim you are correct the title remains clean because you did not have them issue a payment on the vehicle at all. Sounds like you wrecked the core support. You should find a shop that you trust and get an estimate. Figure out if you are willing to pay to have to core support replaced (You can also find a good chassis shop that will do it for you) and most likely cost less money. another option is that you have them total it, buy it back and repair it. Have it inspected so that it is road worthy and drive the hell outta it. Not sure what state you are in so make sure to look at the title branding laws in your state. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask or email me.
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  6. Actually, my pops went through this. His car was hit in the rear at 25mph and although it just needed a new bumper cover and such due to the age Allstate totaled it and gave him a check. He was mad because he liked the car and it was plenty drive able he wanted to keep it. They let him have the money and keep the car. I was surprised. About two years later we car faxed it when I had a 30 day account when I was looking for my current Mustang and it still had a clean title. Could be the situation in which the accident happened, I don't know but it worked out for him.
  7. I live in CA and I once purchased a vehicle with a "salvaged" title because it was purely cosmetic damage and not related to the drivetrain. It turned out to be a huge mistake in the long run because it cost me more to register as a result, my insurance premiums were higher, and I got bent over big time when it came time to try and sell the vehicle. I would personally avoid holding onto a vehicle with a salvaged title at all costs, just part ways with the vehicle and start fresh with a clean title car. Do everything in your power to keep the title clean, it will be in your best interest financially.
  8. Plan A - take the money, buy the car back, part the car out, take the total amount you get for everything and put it towards a Coyote, lol!

    Plan B - take the money, buy the car back, take the parts off, buy another 99-04 GT, re-install the parts onto that car, and then sell the remaining stuff you don't need...or keep the remaining stuff as extras.

    Plan C - take the money and do either plan A or plan B, and then turn the wrecked GT into a track only car.

    Regardless of what you do, I'd say take the money. Your premium is probably gonna go up tho. But repairing a car with a damaged frame can be difficult and tricky. A few years down the road you may be wishing you had just taken the money and got a different car.
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  9. That is correct but whatever reimbursement you get, goes against the value of the car. The insurance company doesn't make the determination. They are required to report when they issue funds though. This is an attempt to keep insurance companies --and-- insurance customers above the board.
  10. I would just move on, get a Mach1 or a Bullitt or a newer Mustang or something like that. The one of a kind paint just makes the body work more painful, much more painful. I would take the cash buy it back and part it out but keep the supercharger for the next Mustang. If you get tired of parting it out just have a junk yard come get it and give ya some cash.
  11. As mentioned above, take the money, buy the car back. The blower alone is worth a good chunk of change and you can easily make more then $800 on a part out. I had some unibody damage on my 94 that had to be repaired and it didn't take much to straighten her out and put a new core support in.
  12. Take the money, buy the car back, part it out.