SOLD 1989 Mustang GT 5.0 Black, Hatchback, T5, DFW Texas


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Mar 14, 2014
Fort Worth Texas
Selling my Mustang everyone. It's a 1989 Ford Mustang GT Hatchback with 100,500 original miles!!
The car is still mostly stock and in excellent condition. Garage kept most of its life.
Everything in the car works.
I have owned the car for 8 years now. Never been wrecked. Clean title. I'm in Texas DFW area.
Asking $13,000 obo

Below are the details.

Original 5.0 with 100,500
Vortech V2 Supercharger - 6psi
MSD 6A & BTM(vortech)
New Aluminum Heads - FloTek(1.94"/1.54", 180cc/62cc, 58cc)
Ford Racing 1.6 roller rockers
Manley hardened push rods
New Intake - ProComp Typhoon
MAC Shorty Headers
Flowmaster American Thunder Exhaust
New Spark Plugs and Wires
New water pump
New oil pump - Melling
New front and rear main seals
New clutch - Exedy Stage 1
New flywheel - Ford Racing Billet Steel
New thermostat - 180 degree
New/Upgraded 3G 130 AMP Alternator with added ground and new cables.
AC has been upgraded from R12 to R134a
Flex-a-lite Black Magic electric fan with adjustable thermostat - 3300cfm
SVE 3 row aluminum radiator
SVE a-pillar 3 gauges - boost, oil, water
New powder coated black radiator overflow with sight tube. Works with original overflow cap and coolant dash light

Original T5 Transmission no leaks or issues
3:73 rear gears with limited slip

Black paint, no rust, mostly original, great shape! Gets compliments everywhere I go on how beautiful it looks.
Has a couple small dents but very small.
Previous owner garaged it most of its life and so have I. (I bought the car with 27,000 original miles)
Drift R 5 spoke rims
Rear tires - 275/40Z R18
Front tires - 245/40Z R18
New 1 piece headlights
New smoked fog lights
Welded Sub-frame Connectors
Shorty antennae
Cervinis Hood - Fiberglass
New sunroof hardware and seals
New door hinge pins

All original inside with new headliner.
Original Grey seats - Great condition
Automatic windows and door locks all working
Viper alarm, keyless entry
Automatic side-view mirrors also working
Seats have electric lumbar that works
Hidden hatch and fuel door buttons still work in glove box
Aftermarket radio
New Heater Core
New hatch struts
New headlight switch - Also fog light rewire fix so you can run fogs without headlights being on.
New headlight heavy duty harness with 2 relays fix

I'm sure I am missing more. I have done a ton of work on this car keeping it nice and old stuff dry rotting and broken stuff all replaced. Message me for more details. I have a thread with a ton of detail on this car.

Thread = Click here to see my Mustang Thread
Current Photo Album = Click here to see new updated photos of car











This is the worst dent in the car, its on the roof next to sunroof. A basketball goal fell over on the top(backboard hit it) and I hit it with paint and clear coat until it gets fixed. It didn't go to metal, just primer layer.

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