Roush Supercharger issue

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Stang964, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. I have a 2007 281SC and a bearing has gone out in the supercharger. I only have 17K miles on the car and I am just wondering if anyone else has had any problems with theirs???


  2. Ok, I got the answer to my question about the superchargers on these cars. Seems that there is a manufacturing defect in the front bearing on these things and due to the stress that the belt places on the snout of the supercharger that is what causes them to go out. After the supercharger is rebuilt and the new improved bearing is installed they are supposed to be better than before.

    I found this out from my favorite Ford man, Joe McCullough that has just opened up a specialized shop for Prestige Ford in Garland. If you ever want TOP NOTCH service for your Mustang, Rousch or Saleen he's the man to go to.

    I asked for him to call the dealer to check on my car and he did one better than that, he actually went to the dealership and checked on my car in the service department in person.:D:D

  3. That's great to hear -- hopefully she'll be back in top order before you know it!
  4. Thanks, I have been without the ride now for 2 weeks and I am going through serious withdrawl!
  5. You realize that the new Saleen company is honoring warranties on the pre-2009s, right? I hope you're getting in contact with them for warranty coverage.

    I believe SMS (Steve Saleen's new company) is also warranting the Saleen Mustangs built up through the sale of his original company.
  6. Actually, both companies have, for a while, been in the warranty game for all vehicles built through the 2009 model year since SMS did expand its coverage to cover all cars regardless of the purchase date of the vehicle.
  7. I've heard that SMS, while announcing they were covering warranties from the "old" company, were not being very easy to deal with regarding the warranty claims and people are being left "out in the cold."
  8. I know of a questionable cosmetic issue that was talked about (I think) on this forum. I also know of another person (possibly also on this forum) who had an issue on a vehicle that was purchased after February 2 that was initially denied, but that issue has now been handled.

    In any case, there are two options for people now, so if someone was left "in the cold," perhaps a second inquiry would be prudent.
  9. I know a few people were having problems with superchargers that had bearing failures and they were getting hassled about it. I think someone here actually posted about the same thing.

    Well, as long as they're getting their warranties covered, that's a good thing. I'd be pretty upset if I bought a $60,000 vehicle and the warranty was dropped.
  10. I have a ford raptor with te same issues.I had a roush charger installed by ford.200mils later the bearing failed and ate up the belt.Gave it back to ford and roush completely screwed me around for 4 months after admitting they are having problems with the bearings.Had it replaced and 180 miles later it did it again.Roush again screwed me and it took a month to get the parts.I will never deal with Roush again.One of the worst companies to get answers from.They take way to long to solve issues and are over priced compared to other companies.
    Has anyone else had problems like this.I feel it will happen again and I'm worried