Superchips VIVID Andriod Performance Tuner

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    Ford Gas - SPC-518650
    Ford Diesel - SPC-518550

    • Industry leading tuning for trucks, Jeeps and performance cars delivering maximum horsepower, torque and world class drivability for your vehicle
    • Tune for high performance, heavy load towing, fuel economy or off-road uses
    • Syncs wirelessly with your vehicle using included Bluetooth dongle
    • Uses Android operating systems to provide a simple yet effective user interface to make tuning a snap
    • 50-state emissions

    • No need to buy another expensive in-cabin device. Just buy a GPS antenna easily found online and GPS app for Android OS
    • Depending on the app, topographical maps are available for off-road uses

    • Preloaded with music, video and photo applications
    • 8GB of internal flash memory with SD card for further expansion
    • Share photos or video by syncing with Facebook, YouTube, Picasa or Flickr

    • Intercept PIDs on the bus and display them in real-time
    • Gauges provide vital information when towing, off-road or at the track
    • Includes several gauge sets
    • Monitor EGTs while towing to avoid diesel engine troubles1
    • Maximize track performance with real-time feedback

    • Uses on-board 3-axis accelerometer and graphics accelerator to measure pitch and roll
    • Establish entrance and departure points for turns
    • Make last minute car setup adjustments at the track
    • Monitor off-road driving performance

    • HD camcorder records in 720p
    • HD video playback
    • Mini HDMI out for watching video on TV
    • 2 MP digital camera
    • Easily sync video and pictures to popular social media sites

    • No more missing important maintenance intervals
    • Easy to setup and use
    • Uses include reminders for oil changes, rotate tires and more
    • App automatically recognizes when a check engine light is on and provides a summary
    • No more unnecessary time consuming trips to the dealer

    • On-board graphics accelerator exploits Android OS 3D capabilities for games, animated interface and transition effects
    • Let kids and friends entertain themselves on long road trips
    • Many games utilize the 3-axis accelerometer for a more realistic game playing experience
    • Use the HDMI output to play the game on your TV and use the device as the steering wheel or controller