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  1. After gears go in on Thursday the next step for the GT is suspension. I want to make sure it hooks up before I start getting into the top end or power adders. Right now the setup is stock (recent replacement) and a set of hotchkis rear upper and lower control arms. I think it is these I dont know if they are any good

    With the new tires (BFG Sport Comp 2s) it takes effort to break the tires and it cant even chirp on a 1 to 2 with a power shift. I know the gears will change that, but it does hook better than a worn out stock setup.

    The car is primarily street use but I do want to bring it to the drag strip. I would say 90% street/10% strip and I would like it to go into the 12s. I was thinking of adding these to round out the setup
    Tockico Blues
    Maximum Motorsport Road and Track Springs
    MM CC Plates and Bumpsteer
    MM Subframes

    With this setup will I need alot of motor to go 12s? I will run Drag radials at the track BTW.

    I was hoping to keep the hotchkis setup if they are decent and add these other components. Let me know what you guys think.
  2. You need the sub frame connectors. The rear control arms (upper and lower) also will help (Hotchkis is fine). The rest of your list will help handling through corners, but will not help at the strip. That said, I emphasize handling on my cars at the expense of some drag strip performance, and you can get in the 12's with that set up. At some point, you'll need to make a decision to set up the suspension for handling or the drag strip, but you don't need to make that decision yet.
  3. I would ditch the tokico and get a set of strange shocks 10 way adjustable and the best bang for your buck
  4. Just searched these, might be ordering tomorrow.

    Sticking with a sport spring rather than a drag spring though. Any ideas that would work with the adjustables?
  5. My old springs i got a set of ford c springs i believe i cant remember i went coilover ill sell you mine
  6. So I am going with the Strange 10 way and I was actually thinking B springs instead of C. They are a softer spring and drop the car a little less. I am not looking for that slammed look at all, just a little lower than stock. They only thing I am not sure about is the B spring is a progressive one while the C is standard. Is a progressive spring worse or better for weight transfer? I think either spring is better for my needs as they are softer than other lowering springs and provide the least amount of drop. Any more thoughts on this?
  7. Going with B Springs, I used the magical search tool. Ill post up on the brown truck thread when they come in. Off to the shop for gears tomorrow...woot
  8. You will be 100000% happier with Strange 10-ways and B-springs than you would have been with Tokicos and MM handling springs. That is, if you're trying to get into the 12s, as you said.
  9. Thanks for the input. I think this will give me the best all around setup. Streetable, not too stiff, and allows me some input to achieve desired ride feel whether it is at the strip or just cruising around town
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  10. ^^that's exactly why I recommend the Strange 10-ways to most of my customers.