T-45 conversion

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  1. Hi guys,

    I bought a T45 transmission from a 96 mustang cobra. My mustang is 65 fastback 289 4 barrel.. What do I need to install the transmission? I couldn't find any solid info.. Thanks in advance..

  2. whats youre old transmission?
  3. First of all, you need a 4.6 engine. The T45 won't bolt up to a 289.
  4. my old one is C4 automatic.

    I saw that some people managed to put it behind a 289?? Isn't it possible?
  5. You'd need a custom bell of some sort, I would think. There is a reason that T45 swaps in classics are rare... and its because you could do a T5 that is comparable in every category and will bolt right up.

    But, then again, there is value to being unique and doing it your own way. :shrug:
  6. i had a 302 on my engine stand and i swapped it with a 4.6 and the block to bellhousing bolt patterns were the same so im sure its possible... the only problem i think is the pilot bearing and clutch combo..... i checked with D&D transmission. they said it was not possible and that the T-5 was a better option... or tk-500/600 or if you want to spends wayyyy to much money go with the t-56... someone in the 5.0 tech section may know a little more about this... the fox guys are pretty good about fitment questions... id try posting in there too.. or call D&D transmission (248)735-6220... located in michigan. wixom i think. google "d and d performance" it will be the first result. they are very helpful.
  7. not only new bellhousing but a new crossmember is in order too
  8. I bought it anyway. I am not in a position of finding these kind of things second hand in any way. I am in Turkey. So if it is possible, I will keep it. If not, I will try to give it back. I cannot change the engine by the way. So is it possible or not with my 289? What do I need to buy / do? Thank you very much.

  9. First step is confirm that the bellhousing will or won't work. Find a 289/302 or take your trans out and see. If it works, then one major hurdle averted. If not, that could be an issue.

    Second, you'll need to figure out how to do a crossmember, and this will likely have to be compeltely custom fabbed by you or some machinist. You'll probably need to fab it up, or at minimum take some incredibly good measurements.

    As someone else said, you'll also be challenged with the clutch cable positioning. You'll have to fab that up to make sure there is room between the transmission and the car's frame/body to have a clutch cable.

    Do all that and report back. Let us know.
  10. ok.. Today my mechanic called and told me that he will definitely install the transmission. I understood that he tried it on some other engine.. The thing is the shifter will move 4 cm backwards and we will have to use a custom shifter. Other than this I will write the updates. I just hope that he is not calculating anything wrong :)
  11. I decided on a T45 for my 67' GT with a 428cj
    Being a Ford dealer tech and having spare parts around the shop, I put together a T45 with the adapter from The T45 Source. Plus another adapter/ spacer to rotate the assembly 7.5 deg. CCW and space the trans an half inch to correct the input shaft length. Picture are on photobucket in hubstang's albums.

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