T&L Engines F-up...

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  1. I'm considering a T&L engine also and have googled them over and over. The only complaints I come up with are on correspondence and delivery dates. This is the first thread that I have come up with an actual complaint about the product. Can anyone point to any other dissatisfied customers?

  2. Not sure of its content or whether you've already seen it, but I wanted to point out this ongoing thread: T&L ENGINES IN N.C. - FordMuscle.com Forums

  3. Yea, I've read through most of that thread and another thread on the GT40 kit car forum. A lot of people disappointed with delivery dates, but they are mostly on more customized engines. A lot of people that ordered the standard engine offered seem pleased with performance and delivery.

  4. before we bash T&L, give them a call, you can bet they will make it right.
    I bought a rebuilt engine for my forklift from Jasper and when I opened the crate and looked at it there was SAND in the exhaust ports, I called then right away and they had another engine sent to me in 4 days, sh** happens,
    give them a chance. but then, your buddy already took it apart--
    warrenty VOID.
  5. 65

    Im sure they also build good engines

    But note that i still havent recived the parts for an engine that hasent prooved its potential yet and it was orderd in november 2006...... and arrived at my shipping agent in CA 7-8 month later

    And they will not answer my mails !?

    But What can i do ?? Since im living in Denmark i cant just go and knock on their door :-(

    Tom B :
    Would you recomend that i shipped it back to the states instead of lokating the problem or ?
  6. The first thing I would do is stop emailing them, its worthless.
    Call them, if they have a toll free number then use it, and keep calling no matter what they might say to discourage you. talk to different people at the company if you dont get what you want. BE NICE to people and dont yell or cuss but at the same time dont give in. As soon a you cuss or get loud they will hang up or wont help you, ""How do you respond to someone yelling at you""
    Have all your receipts and WRITE down all that is said from them and yourself and ask for whom your talking to and use there name in your sentences, this makes them feel like they know you.
  7. After reading about his problems, you're still willing to say give them a chance???
    As I said before. This IS the way he does business.
    Would you want to do business with someone who quits talking with you when you have a problem with their product?? AFTER he has your money.
    And there is MORE than this one person this has happened to.
    And people still want to buy from him, cause he's cheaper than so and so....
    You get what you pay for. Don't bother.
    And for someone who said before about custom engines being the problem with his delivery, and not basic engines. Why buy a basic engine from someone NOT local!!!!
    I don't buy any of it.
    A PRO builder WILL NOT install head gaskets backwards!!!!
    I could just imagine a PRO NASCAR engine builder tell the owner he lost the race, NOT from parts failure. BUT INCORRECT assembly of his engine. NOT from parts failure, but IMPROPER assembly techniques.
    Can you say, 'Not my engine builder any more!!!'
  8. I dont know or bought from T&L so if what you say is true than I agree
    But I have learned how to deal with people and to check out a company or person
    before I buy, If I was to buy from T&L then I would have found this Thread and others and went over all information, do your homework before you buy and this wont happen. If you can get no satisfaction then sue them. period.
    Talk first then the law. Call the city or town that T&L is in and file a charge with the police dept, maybe you can get a name and address and go from there.
    You can also write up a legal paper and have it notarized and tell them how much it might cost them to go to court, oops I didnt say that:nono:
  9. Odd.
  10. Believe it or not

    I still havent got ANY parts from them !!!:mad:

    They come with a lot of bull about changing places in the firm and that their email dosent work ...... So still NO parts at all for me !

    Bad luck to be living in Denmark ...:bs:

  11. And can you believe, there were some reading this, that STILL wanted to buy from them????
    Poor assembly techniques!!!!
    You get what you pay for. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!
    If you buy anyway, GOOD LUCK
    If you get ripped, well it's your own fault.
    Sorry to hear this hasn't resolved itself.
  12. Jeeze, I know a guy who recently built a 289 High Performance for a museum in Europe. It is for static display, but he assumes they might someday actually put it in a car, so it's being assembled to blueprint specs inside and out.

    Since you can't call them toll-free from overseas, and they certainly know you have a problem, they should have shipped you a replacement engine long ago.

  13. There playing the TIME game with you and your time is running out.
  14. Update !

    I just had to buy the parts for my engine MYSELF !!! And i have got the verdict from my engine shop ..... The heads was not straight. The block was not straight, The cylinders was barrel shaped (could only hold the measure in top and bottom), And the valves was leaking ..... Impressive work .....NOT !!!
    And they still ow me a ton of parts !

    DO NOT BUY FROM THEM .......!
  15. Damn, Nemesis . . . I truly feel for their overseas customers

    I'm still waiting for my engine, they are having problems keeping up with their custom engine program, and they sent out a mass email. Still, many have received quality production and custom engines from them, and some have had big problems, like you. I hope the dice roll doesn't come up snake eyes for me.

    I had expected up to a year wait, and it's getting close. If I have any problems, you guys will be among the first to know, and I expect and will deserve a hearty "I told you so" if I do have problems.

    I do feel, overall, that they're a good builder that has made *some* great engines, but they need to be better organized and improve communication and customer service.

    But the block issue you're having is a big one. Keep on them, and keep records of all the work you've had to have done. Come to some sort of agreement and get it in writing. Hey, if you want to visit the US, a trip into North Carolina and a rented car might be in your future to give them hell in person . . .
  16. I can't imagine waiting a year for an engine from an outfit with such a bad reputation.
  17. reputation for engines vs. customer service

    If you're curious about the subject, I would point you to ffcobra.com and the number of guys there who have received good, reliable engines from them, among other reports here and there, some old, some recent. The customer service thing is another issue entirely.
    Nemesis got a bad engine. Lots of people have gotten good ones. Assuming I get a good one, I saved a few thousand, although I lost part of it with the interest I could have made on my deposit over the year wait. :rolleyes:
  18. Really? A year waiting for someone to build an engine for you?

    There are tons of reputable, reliable engine builders out there that can build these engines in a LOT shorter timeframe, and then again, there's always the option to build it yourself.

    If you build it yourself, as I'm doing, you just have to make sure that you have a good parts combination and a good machine shop to perform the machine work and balancing, and some of them will even assemble it for you.

    However, assembling an engine is no big deal at all . . . even for someone who has never built an engine before--there are books available to guide you through what you need to do.

    So . . . I guess I'm having a hard time understanding why anybody would wait a year, or even a couple of months to have someone across the country build an engine for them.
  19. its really strange poeple would even give them the benefit of "maybe that was just a isolated case" and still want to do business with them. In this time of the economy, you would think they would want to keep as many customers as possible and the bad press to a minimum.

    I dont think i was screwed by my builder that took 2 weeks, but I wasnt 100% satisfied either, but my car still runs and he made efforts to make things right.