T45 To T56 Swap

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  1. I am getting ready to purchase a re-manufactured T-56 from Ford still in the box. I want it swap it into my 1999 GT. I know the drive shaft will have to be replaced or altered and I will need a new cross member. Will the original flywheel and clutch work? I just had a new Centerforce unit installed a few thousand miles ago. What else will I have to replace?
  2. check the spline count, you probably have a 10 spline input shaft on your current transmission, that t56 probably has a 26 spline... in that case you will need a new clutch.
  3. The T56 is for a 2003 Cobra. I don't know my stock spline count since the T45 is in hte car.
  4. From what I can tell both are a 10 spline. The diameter of the cobra clutch is slightly larger than the GT. But as long as the bell housing matches, I think I can go with the GT setup. I was hoping someone had done the swap recently and could let me know what parts would be needed.
  5. Pretty sure the bell housing is different. I know the Magnum T56 is different, but that's not what you have. That's why I'm not 100% sure. If the mounting face of your T56 is roundish and has more than 4 bolt holes, it's different.

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  6. I just posted a photo of the T56 I'm considering purchasing. Do you think the bell housing matches the T45 on my GT?
  7. Modular motors have the same trans bolt pattern on the back of the block. Since that T56 has the bellhousing with it you should be fine. I thought you wanted to know about bolting your T45 bell to the T56, and that won't work.

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