T5 conversion question

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  1. I just purchased a T 5 out of a 1995 Mustang Gt. I want to put it into my 68 fastback . I heard the input shaft on the 95 T5 is longer than the earlier version of the T5 . Does anyone know if the 1995 T5 can be used in a 1968 /302 ?

    I have the bell housing and clutch fork out of the 95 stang . The 1968 stang has a top loader 4 speed with the large 164 tooth flywheel. Not sure what size flywheel/bellhousing would be on the 1995 ?
  2. it can be used as long as you also use the bell housing from the 95. as for the flywheel they used the 157 tooth wheel so you can use the pressure plate you now use along with your stock flywheel. you may need to change the disc though, but check first and see.
  3. 95 T5

    If you use the 95 bellhousing, the shifter will not come up through the original hole in the floorboard, and the rear transmission support may be harder to convert. . My opinion is that you need to change out the T5 main drive gear with a 93 or below and get an earlier bellhousing. You can use your stock clutch, and linkage by adding a spacer to the T5 bellhousing where the clutch fork goes, and you will need a 157 tooth 28 oz. flywheel. All in all, the earlier bellhousing makes everything a lot easier to convert. The shifter will come up through the tunnel where the original shifter did, and basically all you will need to do is shorten the driveshaft about an inch, and get an aftermarket transmission support. If you choose to use the 95 bellhousing, you are in for a lot more hassels.

    My $.02
  4. i agree with what zigmont wrote here, i lso would suggest getting a 93 or earlier bell and trans as it does make the conversion easier.
  5. Just saw this thread. I have a 70 mustang with a 347. I don't mind the shift being a little further back. I've already had 2 other t5's in it before, just been bouncing back and forth from autos. so will a 95 t5 work if I change the input shaft and bell housing? or do I even need to? or is the 95 t5 tranny body longer? I still have the conversion cross member and drive line for the other t5's. thanks.
  6. The 94-95 input shaft, bearing retainer and bellhousing are about 5/8" longer than a foxbody (87-93) T-5. Using 94-95 parts (input shaft, bearing retainer, bell, fork) will work but you will need to shorten the driveshaft and probably have to modify even an aftermarket crossmember. A 94-95 T-5 will work the same as an 87-93 IF you change the input shaft and bearing retainer to a 87-93 shorter shaft and use the 87-93 bell and fork. Dimensionally the transmission is the same other than the shaft and bearing retainer.
  7. i tried to use the 94 t-5 in my wifes 66 coupe conversion.

    these are the problems I ran into:

    1. using the 94-95 bell the slot for the cable clutch ran right into the back of the power steering ram cylinder.

    2. I wasn't able to use the stock c4 starter since the newer 94-95 bell requires the mini starter.

    3. had to slot out the trans conversion cross member to get it to work.

    if you have power steering you need to ....

    change out the input shaft, use a earlier fox body bell housing, fork and get to use your old starter and most likely not have to shorten your drive shaft.

    if you have manual steering then you can use it the way it is and get a mini starter, cut out the hole in the floor board a little more then shorten your driveshaft