Tail Light Thread

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  1. any really. I use professional grade stuff but i'm sure stuff like meguires polish works just fine
  2. House of kolor? I thought i would be the only one with this color
  3. I pulled mine apart and painted the inside with chrome spay paint then just used polishing compound on a mini mothers ball
  4. Really, chrome just brightens the back ground???
    edit: .....white lens only or both??
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  5. yup, to be honest i didn't spend enough time polishing mine and they still look pretty good.
  6. No its Atomic Orange from an auto paint shop. Single Stage with pearl. It looks different depending on the lighting its in. It looks alot darker in those first pics. Yours is really nice, i love this color. 2A444AE7-16C1-4AE8-BF70-9DB176CFC076-2409-000000C31A2D1378_zps50b086d5.jpg
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  7. Nice mines hok ketchme kopper under a black sealer
  8. We did an epoxy primer then a sandable primer than like 5 coats of paint. The last 2 coats we added some more clear into it even though its single stage. How much is HOK paint per gallon? This was $350 a gallon plus the hardener and reducer. I didnt realize paint cost that much per gallon. I guess thats why a good paint job costs thousands of dollars. At least all i had to pay for was the product.
  9. check my edit added a last part, thnx!!
  10. just the silver part, so the housing not the lenses, I did paint the entire housing under the lens so the clear and red parts.
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  11. It was 89the a quart and i used six quarts of color and two gallons of clear at 116 a gallon
  12. Ok good that makes me feel better that i didnt get ripped off. lol
  13. Yeah my paint cost me 1750
  14. For refreshing tails I do chrome as well for the inside but I take the time to also clear the inside as well.

    For the outside I do 1500 grit then 2000 grit then 3000 grit all wet followed buy meguars clear plastic polish after about 3-5 passes with that it gets 2-3 coats of clear then after a few days they get hit with rubbing compound, then polishing compound, then waxed twice.

    sounds like a lot but I don't plan on doing them again any time soon.

    here are mine they have not been redone do to a crack in the drivers side so they will get new skin.


  15. It's the original '86 hatch with a '87+ spoiler. The holes are plugged with push-in plastic caps, because I don't give a damn like that. :)
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  16. All that tail light work for a dirty tank and tailpipes??? COME ON MAN!!!
  17. That picture is right after my five lug swap its been cleaned sanded and painted now and I don't have tailpipes anymore I have dumps before the rear axle due to large holes in the hump. i wont have tails anytime soon either since I'm going to have side exit exhaust.
  18. Just bustin yer balls bro!!! Figured I'd say something before someone else did! What wheels you got on there?
  19. good ol fr500's

    this is before i detailed and polished the lips.

  20. 10.5's? What size tire?