Taillight De Ghettoization

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  1. So I bought my 94 gt a few weeks ago and it had chrome altezza tail lights.....I hated them so I took them out and poped that chrome trim around the tailights and stripped all the chrome off primed and painted black and I'm not going to lie I kinda like them!

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  2. Nice. That looks so much better. Lets see them on the car.
  3. The 94-95 stock tail lights are so rare, don't know why people install those. Looks much better without all that stuff on them but I still prefer the stock ones, I don't see them around here much anymore.
  4. Yeah I want the stock ones too there actually pretty hard to find and when I do they want wayyy too much money for them..ill post a picture of them on the car when I get home and re install them...I plan on painting the car too but I want to do some kind of stripes...maybe a dark green or some kind of metallic blue with charcoal racing stripes merging into the boss stripes and follow it into the rear side scoop. What system would work best a BC/CC OR a Single stage paint. Anybody know
  5. Good call! :nice:

    Please make a video about bashing the altezzas to a pulp with a baseball bat before burning them in fire. You know... Just in-case there are altezza douche canoes out there that still don't get it yet. :D
  6. I picked up a stock replacement tail for 20 bucks


    and also, I love my stock tails but I would change them only for the 96-98 tails w/sequential.
    but probably won't.
  7. I never understood the whole euro/altezza craze. But kids are kids. Everyone has different taste. I don't think they look too bad since you painted them. I still prefer my 94 5.0 tails. But mine need painted as well.
  8. It's a matter of personal taste. I didn't like the original tails when I bought my car 6-1/2 years ago. so I replaced them with chromed Altezzas and I'm much happier with the looks.
    Now (with rear spoiler delete):

    That said, on my other red project Mustang I prefer the stock tails but I might get rid of the spoiler on that too:
  9. Installed...ill take a better picture later ( I work too damn much ). I would still preffer the stock over these but they doo look better atleast. I am going to give this paint I found at homedepot a try and its going to saposedly tint them. Well see.

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  10. Never would have pegged you for a ricer. :nonono:
  11. The red Mustang already had that tall rear spoiler and the Xenon bodykit when I bought it last year, and the green one had a Roush bodykit when I bought it (top photo).
    No, I'm not a ricer but I don't like my cars to look like everyone else's either. ;)
  12. :D
  13. Don't defend yourself. Tell him to go molest another thread if he doesn't like your ride LOL ;)

    But really... if they were my cars, I think I would ditch the wing on the red one as well. And those Altezza's... :puke:

    But they are your cars. So it only matters to you.
  14. Agreed with 5.0 Ford Guy.

    But on the green mustang, keep the roush kit! I love those kits. They weren't over the top like all the other body kits out there and they just work great with the lines of the car. That is if you haven't taken it off already:p
    If I had the dough I would have a roush body kit.

    Then again, if I had the dough, I would also have a 306 that could make 600 horsepower n/a.
  15. Yeah, I've no intention of removing the bodykit on either car but I did remove the damaged front spoiler on the green car soon after I bought it. I like those Altezzas 'cause they look like the '96-'98 tails so they're staying.
    I'll be selling the red project car soon so I can start a new project. The rear wing might as well stay on and the new owner can remove it if he doesn't like it. This is a view from the front:
  16. I really like that front bumper on the red one ....I need a new front bumper I was thinking about getting a different style maybe a cobra or something like that..I want a new hood too maybe a cobra r or just a plain cowl hoom 3.5 or 4.
  17. I'd love to have a set of those export tails.....just not the price tag.
  18. Those tails will look even better if you have them painted in the same color as the bodywork.

    I don't know if the front spoiler is part of the Xenon bodykit but I like it too. The only problem is that it partially obscures the fog lights so I removed them and swapped them over to the green Mustang whose front spoiler was removed.
    I also like the headlights with clear corners.

  19. Don't go single stage. Not with a metallic like your car. Only go basecoat/clearcoat with a metallic paint job. Unless you are painting a semi truck.