Taillight De Ghettoization

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  1. Yeah I have been told single stage is not good for metallics because when you we t sand the car it dulls the mettalic flakes. I'm going with a bc/cc I just have to find a good enough paint for my budget
  2. Geez-a-lou holy spoiler batman!! Friggin huge
  3. The only reason I've never installed a sequential kit on any of my cars is what I have always considered to be a major flaw in all the kits available. The major flaw being that application of the brakes always results in both taillights sequentially illuminating outward before staying continuously lit. I always felt that it looked tacky; as though whomever designed them couldn't be bothered to design a circuit that differentiated between braking a signaling. Ford did it right with the sequential taillights on the 2010+ cars. I would get a set of '96-'98 tails if someone came out with a kit that performed like the 2010+ taillights.
  4. ry94stang50 - You inspired me...


    Note: I did not tint these lights. Someone already had that done and the clear was put on by a blind man in a sand storm I think.

    Here they are on the car:

    I plan to do some black wheels in the near future. Or maybe have my tri-spokes powder coated black.
  5. Yup. Here it is again from two different angles:


    I'm keeping the stock tails on it though, and I might just keep that huge spoiler as well so the car won't look like a V6 model.
  6. You think stock spoiler would make er v6'ish? Oh how are you liking the ported e7's?
  7. :ot:
    I shaved my E7's .035" and ported the chit out of them and was in the 13's N/A with bolt-ons and gears and really bald tires before grenading my tranny. I had a 5 angle valve job done on them also. I ended up selling them for $300 when I was done with them. I read an article that showed how to port the E7 heads and it said you could gain 40 HP. I have been looking for that article for some time now. If anyone knows where one is please post a link.
  8. The stock spoiler would look fine on the red Stang but I'd already sold the spoiler that I took off the green Stang long before I bought the red one.
    I like my DIY ported E7s a lot, especially since the porting cost me only time and hardly any money. It was a no brainer really considering that buying and shipping in another pair of heads would have cost a small fortune. Shame there aren't any junkyard 5.0L Explorers in the UAE otherwise I could have scavenged a pair of GT40s/GT40Ps.
  9. :ot: as well... You seem many mustangs over there?
  10. :banana: I know what you are getting at. See Bullitt - he wants a set too!
  11. He he, if I wanted a pair of stock tails and a stock spoiler for my green Stang, I wouldn't have taken off the originals and sold them in the first place. :lol: What I would like is a pair of GT40/GT40P heads to play around with using my porting kit.

    Lots of New Edge and S197 models but not many surviving '94-'98 SN95s and even fewer Foxes (most of those have been converted to dragsters anyway).
  12. My god, shipping for a set of heads to Saudi Arabia would cost an oil well! I could MAYBE go find you a set though if you want to pay cost + shipping. I have been going to the junk yards lately and scavenging parts. They have a watch list that will send a text when certain vehicles come in. Tell me what to look for.
  13. Thanks for the offer but shipping for a pair of heads would cost me ~$800 if they're cast iron and ~$500 if they're aluminum. That's too prohibitive for me.