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  1. I posted this on the classic mustang forum, but it should be posted here instead. I saw this on another forum and it was good, lasted like 50 pages. I copied it, and will post it here:
    Ok, here we go:

    Once upon
  2. A time . . .

  3. she licked
  4. a sucker
  5. a kitten

  6. (Next sentence)

    Her father
  7. kicked my
  8. dog, who
  9. bit his
  10. bit the . . .

    EDIT: Darn you Fritz!

    on the . . .

  11. hand that
  12. Darn it. Now I'm confused.

    EDIT: Nevermind. I guess it still works.

  13. Alzheimer's? :D
    Now back to our program already in progress..........................
  14. Two words

    Reaching inside

    (darn, Deanna's ID again!!!!)

  15. Why, exactly?
  16. I'm curious too

    We're just having some fun in the talk section! :banana: The important technical section is pure and un-tainted!

    Two words: Have Fun!
  17. Some thoughts for you, Historic


    I too have been wondering about your comments here. I read your debate with Stangdreamin' on 'Chelles thread.

    Some background about me to give you some insight. I am a single dad, raising my family singlehanded, my son severly Autistic. I have been participating and racing at vintage meets since 1989, losing my car in the divorce, but having seat time in a variety of cars, including a genuine GT-350R. I also write for many classic Mustang Magazines, and have used parts supplied to one of the magazines from Mustangs Plus. I am in my mid-40's, live life happily, and always look to the positive side of everything.

    I take my Mustanging and Shelby activites (except the Series-1) VERY seriously, and hold Stangnet in very high esteem. It has helped me in many situations, and I have helped many out as well. Many friendships have also been formed here.

    I do not know you from Adam. I respect all here, even Hop, as I do not agee with what he has done to his Shelby, but give him his room.

    I find you to seemingly to be suddenly harsh and intolerable of others. I am one of the people you insulted in 'Chelle's thread, and I do take umbrage. We have never referred to you in any negative way. Not to mention, you comment about the three threads solely in the talk section that are the source of your outrage, yet the thread you commented in is a biology oriented thread which is just as un-related to Mustangs as my thread about facial hair. You have been posting here for a long time, usually very insightfull, and full of good technical information. Why the change? you never complained before?

    I too rarely get on a soapbox here, and cannot wait to get off this one, but I must side with Stangdreamin' and ask you why you seem suddenly so harsh and inflexible. I also agree with his quote abnout saying if you have nothing nice to say,.... It works for me here, and this is the first time in three years I have felt compelled to write this kind of response.

    I politely ask for an apology, and explanation.

    Now, back to some fun on a fun thread, and my apologies to all.