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  1. All,

    In the interest of getting some life back into this forum, I thought it would be nice to get some good tech articles specific to the V6 cars all in one place.

    Also, check the Write Up thread in S197 GT Tech for write ups that could overlap for V6 and GT models.

    Please keep them small if you can. Post links to your hosted tech write ups or post 1 reply with pictures and explanations.

    Try to keep the comments to a minimum. Although you may see something cool and want to praise the writer, please do so in a private message to help keep this thread uncluttered.

    Posters, please put a title at the top of your write up to denote what it is you are writing about so it can be found a bit easier.

    Let's see all that hard work you guys have been doing!!!
  2. Zex Nitrous Oxide Kit

    One of the things I get the most questions about is my Zex Nitrous Oxide Kit. It is the kit designed for the 2005/06 Mustang GT but works perfectly on the V6.

    Here is the my write up about the Zex and my install. If you have any questions feel free to PM me!

    Here's the link:
  3. Great start!!!!!

  4. Stock Rear Lower Control Arms

    Sorry about this one... It's not a very technical write up... But this section shows the comparison between the stock LCAs and my replacement BMR adjustable LCA....

    Little background, when I went to the Nitto 450s on the 100HP shot the car developed a bad case of wheel hop. The cure? New LCAs from BMR... The stock LCA are rather flimsy and take a look at the mushy stock bushing... The BMR firmly holds the rear axle in place and brought the wheel hop under control! Wow, what a difference!

    Here's the small write up and pics:
  5. Dyno Results: Manglfow Dual Kit, AFE and SCT2

    Not sure if this qualifies, but here is my dyno write up for:

    • Magnaflow Y Pipe Dual Exhaust Kit
    • AFE CAI
    • SCT2 w/Professional Tune

    I will be doing a write up on the TI CAI and then another one on the Zex kit with my the TI.
  6. Post them up.

    Perhaps it will spawn the "Bang for the Buck" thread that shows real HP gains on a dyno from different products. That seems like it could be an informative thread to the potential upgrader:nice:
  7. Thanks! I just edited my post with the link to the stangnet thread I kicked off. This thursday, my car goes in for two days for the TI CAI tune, and for the Zex install/tune. I will post dynos for both and I will update my web site and thread with a scan of the dyno for my current write up at 190RWHP.

  8. When you get it, we will start a thread for Dyno sheets. We will ask for members to post some baseline pulls as well to get an idea what these cars are averaging from the factory. Then we can start seeing what bolt-ons and go fast goodies do what.

    Keep them coming guys!!!!
  9. S197 strut tower brace install

    i installed a Strange Development STB and wanted you guys to see this if you havent already. install was a breeze and we wanted to give you some great pics

    i only had one hiccup, due to the TSB for 2005s front strut popping (TSB 05-9-11). an alignment was not performed after the TSB, and the struts were a little misaligned. a quick adjustment, and everything was good!
  10. Throttle Body Coolant Bypass

    Turns out the 2005 V6's have a "heated" throttle body.. while I have no proof that it's hurts performance, it sure can't help! So in an effort to squeeze every bit of performance out of the Mistress, I decided to do a "bypass" so the TB does get quite so HOT!

    My write up for the TB coolant bypass is here:
  11. True HId Retro Fit

    I have some Raxom Projector lights Retrofitted with Nissan OEM HID projectors. They still look the same but now I can run a True HID Set up with really cool results. So if you want True Hid Projectors heres how two do it for cheap and keep it legal. I bought all the parts on Ebay, you can use you're stock lights although its a little diffrent too install. The after market lights have a Vertical adjustment built in too them which makes the final adjustment a bit easier.

    Heres the link:

    If anyone dose this show it off.

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  13. And this is precisely why we like write ups to be kept in house.
  14. Sadly, I think John moved on to a V6 Camaro back in 2009. :(