Tell Me If I'm Wrong Here

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by mrn10ct, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Wife's car sputtering, won't idle, has no power. Couldn't find anything obviously wrong with it, hooked it up to a diagnostic machine, said bad camshaft position sensor.

    $12 part, bought and replaced it, car still wasn't running any better though.

    Took off the valve cover, cranked the motor, intake and exhaust valves on the passenger side move as expected. No action on the drivers side.

    Car isn't worth spending much money to get repaired, though it is her daily driver (long story).

    Anyway, I'm working under the assumption that a bearing seized and sheered the cam in half, or some other catastrophic damage, and looking at buying her a car to get by with until tax season rolls in at least, hopefully til I can find gainful employment again.

    Before I do that, is there possibly something else I should check for on that motor?

    EDIT: Neglected to mention, 1998 Ford Escort 1.8l