The 2015 Mustang Unveiling

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  1. Wow, that first picture really makes the size of the grill opening stand out in a bad way. Looks gigantic.
  2. here is a cleaner pic from Ford.

  3. Yep, that's the most flattering pic I've seen so far. It even looks good in that one. I need to see this car in person.
  4. Here is our video from the Dearborn unveiling. Enjoy.

  5. I'm quite interested in the 2015(+) Mustang - can't wait to get a factory-built RHD Mustang and for half the price they are usually imported and converted (to RHD). Too bad it'll be late 2015 before we can start ordering though (Australia).
  6. I don't know where all the hate is coming from. That car is bad-ass.
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  7. I love it except the front... The "one Ford" or Fusion/Taurus look just sucks IMO... It'll probably grow on me and I'll get over it. I sure love the way it looks from the side and rear!
    I hope the GT has at least 450hp. That would make me forget all about the Fusion look!
  8. Its amazing what 450hp will make you forget. It's not the first time Ford went with "corporate" front end styling. They did it in the 80's as well. Its a good looking front end that to me is appropriate for a high performance coupe like the Mustang. My question to Ford isn't why they choose to give the Mustang a Fusion like nose, but rather why they choose to give a economical family sedan such an aggressive look.
    Regardless , I think its a winner.
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  9. I like it overall, just dont care for the finned rear diffuser or the front boy racer looking foglight area. I'm sure it'll either grow on me or the aftermarket wll step up to the plate!
  10. honestly if you really look at the grill of the 2015 next to the 13/14 it is not THAT different.
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