the continuing saga of Steve Austin, the 6 million $ car

jerry S

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Sep 3, 2003
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We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster.

Old rusted out floor pan
View attachment 374771

has been cut out out. Those Global West subframes you see are the only thing that kept me from having to crush the car following the accident.

after the new one piece floor pan is fitted, it will be epoxy primed and painted with the toughest marine paint known to man and installed.


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jerry S

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Sep 3, 2003
52.22N 5.12E
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we are in the home stretch.

This is the engine bay last month

Here it is today. It is primed now but will be painted flat black


and this

View attachment 364691

The passenger side door is finally fitted and primed. It was a ton of work.


The shop tells me the NPD torque boxes were absolute crap and that they had a hellovatime to get them to fit.

The heads came back from FPS, about 6 weeks behind schedule. Hmmmpf!!!

The engine rebuild starts this week. I went with a custom grind roller cam to match the porting on my heads and intake, carb (Holley 4150 that was sent to Jet Performance for a Stage 3 rebuild).

I opted to rebuild the C6 using a wide ratio six pinion steel planetary with a 2.71 first gear, 1.53 second, and 1:1 third with a completely rollerized rotating assembly (i.e., needle bearings in place of thrust washers wherever possible). This trans, in conjunction with my 3.70 rear gears/new detroit locker/3000 stall Edge torque converter and the ported Edelbrock RPM Performer heads and roller cam, should mean that my car really screams.

More on the rebuild later.




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