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  1. OK, 4.6 land...let's follow suit and have a dyno thread in here.

    Submissions need to be in the following format:

    your SN user name
    ### rwhp / ### rwtq

    mod list goes here


    You can host your own dyno sheet via photobucket (or other host) or I can supply some FTP space as well. Email me if you would like me to host your sheet.

    Submissions are to be made via Private Message to any 4.6 moderator, where that moderator can update this thread. Be advised, only posts of dyno sheets and details are going to be permitted to remain in this thread (i.e. only Staffers can post in this thread to update it).

    Let's see what you've got! :nice:
  2. CobraM23
    278rwhp / 306rwtq

    Engine Mods:
    PI heads/intake, VT stage II NA cams, Hooker longtubes & offroad X, Magnapak catback, accufab 75mm TB, C&L plenum, Steeda U/D pulleys, MSD coilpacks & wires, JLT RAI, SCT dynotune by Scott Noe
    Chassis Mods:
    MM full length SFCs, aluminum D/S, PA street/strip valvebody, B&M hammer shifter, 4:10 gear, PA racing tubular k-member, 90/10 struts, foxbody 4 cyl front springs cut 1/2 coil, eibach sportline rear springs
    Exterior Mods:
    00R hood, cobra front bumper, wingless, badgeless, silver bullitts

  3. Crzyhrse
    273.1 RWHP/290.1 RWTQ

    Performance Mods: "Magnapack" Catback, Bassani Catted X, [email protected] Tru-Flo Intake, Predator Custom Tune.

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  4. Uncle Meat
    465 rwhp / 461 rwtq

    K&N FIPK
    BilletFlow 2.93 upper
    C&L Inlet pipe
    JBA Shorties
    Magnaflow Catted "X"
    Magnaflow C/B
    Tuned by James @ RWTD


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  5. '03GTinFLA
    256.9 RWHP / 292.8 RWTQ

    Perf Mods: Mac LT's, O/R Prochamber, Mac Cat-back, K&N FIPK, Accufab 75 cm TB/Plenum, Predator tune.
    Soon to be updated with #'s on Stage 2 heads and Cams with UDP's.

  6. 02TruBlueGT
    244.2 Rwhp/ 282 Rwtq

    Slp Catback,Slp Catted Xpipe, BBK 70mm TB, BBK CAI

  7. SaleenGT2001
    375 HP 385 TQ

    MPH Novi 2000 Mongoose kit 10 psi
    Custom Front Mount Intercooler 24x12x3 core
    Vortech Mini Race bypass valve
    Built Dodge Viper T56 transmission
    Aluminum driveshaft
    Driveshaft safety loop
    Maximum Motorsports full length subframes
    Mac Off-Road x pipe
    SLP Loud Mouth catback
    BBK 75 mm throttle body
    SCT custom tune
    Lightning 90mm MAF
    42LB injectors
    Pro 5.0 short throw shifter
    Fidanza 14lb aluminum flywheel
    McCloud HD 11" clutch and pressure plate
    Motive 3.90 gears
    Auburn Pro 31 spline differential
    Moser 31 spline axles w/ 3" studs
    C-clip eliminators
    Weld ProStar rims with 275/50/15 M/T Street ET radials
    Autometer Lunar boost and A/F ratio gauges
    Raptor shift light
    Steeda clutch quadrant and firewall adjuster

  8. Dan_Soprano
    586.93rwhp 518.66rwtq

    04 Cobra, Kenne Bell 2.2 @ 17#, 60# injectors, SCT BA2400 MAF, Catted Prochamber, Magnaflow Catback, K&N FIPK, Full set of Billetflow Idlers.


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  9. AmBo
    347 rwhp / 345 rwtq

    Vortec SQ-V2 Mongoose Kit + MPH Boost Pipe, Accufab 75mm TB/Plenum, 3.73s

  10. Mach1Run
    292 rwhp / 319 tq

    Weld in Flowmaster 40s, 4.10s, Php Intake spacer, T56 transmission, Predator tune tweaked by Gearheads.

  11. helty
    370hp* / 377 ft/lbs

    *peak hp # says 393 due to lean spike @ 5800 rpm

    2001 Bullitt

    MPH Vortech SQ Mongoose kit @ 10 psi
    MPH Powerpipe

  12. Da Man...

    412.1 hp / 389.7 tq


    Stock Catback
    Vortech SQ Supercharger w/ Aftercooler
    Classic Design Concepts Shaker
    Steeda Supercharger Tune
    Dual Fuel Pumps In-tank
    Tremec T-56 6-Speed
    Steeda Sport Springs
    MAC Stainless Prochamber
    Pro5.0 6-Speed Shifter
    Pro5.0 3.73 Gears
    Autometer Boost and Fuel Gauges
    18X9 Bullitt Wheels
    Goodyear G3 275/40s
    MGW Accessories
    Fiore Firewall Adjuster and Quadrant

  13. Hotmustang331
    450/478 @ 8PSI and 479/512 @ 9PSI

    Twin 57mm Turbos :eek:
    VT stg 1 cams
    P&Pd Trick flow plenum
    BBK 75MM thrttle body
    March U/D pulleys
    Electric water pump
    FRPP 3.73 gears
    BBK ceremic LTs
    Dr gas O/R X pipe
    Magnaflow SS catback
    SCT-4 bank chip with a MPH custom dyno tune

  14. blackink00
    300rwhp / 443rwtq

    NX 100 shot, Steeda UDP, BBK O/R X-pipe, Bassani cat-back, Mac cai, BAER brakes, Screamin' demon coil packs, Livewires, un-tuned

  15. billfisher
    249.9 @ 4250 / RWTQ: 340.1 @ 3650 automatic SAE

    mods: under drive pullies, filter, SLP offroad "X", cmc delete.


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  16. ForPointSex
    256 rwhp / 296 rwtq

    K&N drop-in, Densecharger TB to MAF tube, C&L Plenum, Accufab 75mm Throttle Body, Steeda Under Drive Pulleys, Magnaflow catback, Magnaflow catted X pipe, Mail order SCT Xcal2 Flash Tune from Modular Depot.

  17. Ordie
    228.1rwhp / 263.2rwtq

    K&N only

  18. Jivepepper
    515rwhp / 453 rwtq

    Vortech V1 S-trim @ 13psi
    MMR mod 900 shortblock
    Houston performance S292 cams
    stock heads and valve springs
    stock intake
    Professional products 75MM throttle body/plenum
    Mac lt's/or h-pipe/catback
    ebay intercooler
    afm power pipe

  19. 2002GreyGT
    242 rwhp / 285 rwtq

    Engine Mods:
    Tuneable Induction Intake
    BBK 75mm T/B and Plenum
    MAC Catback Exhaust
    Bullitt Suspension
    MGW Shifter
    MM C&C plates
    Full Length Weld in Sub Frames
    13" Cobra Brakes with SS lines

  20. 2k1GTfromSC
    609rwhp / 546 rwtq

    2003 Cobra

    Engine Mods:
    Whipple 2.3l 17psi
    Bassani O/R x pipe
    Bassani Cat Back
    Steeda CAI
    60lb injectors
    Accufab TB

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