The new owner of an '03 Cobra

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  1. After a year of waiting for the GT500, I've put my purchase on hold. Maybe I'll get one in a year or so. Until then, I'll be very happy in my new purchase.....'03 Cobra. My husband, the vette owner, has already asked if he could borrow it (we'll see:D )

    I have a question......The salespeople push the notion this is Carroll Shelby's last "hands-on" project so it will be a collector's car. I guess this is the reason they feel obligated to add $20,000 to the MSRP. Were they claiming in the 80's that the Shelby Dodge Charger would be a collector's car? I remember my friend being very excited about having one because it was going to stay a popular car like all the other Shelbys. Have you seen the asking prices for these cars? Looks like they didn't hold their value. What's the scoop?
  2. Well, simple rule of thumb is:

    1. Whatever comes out of a salesperson's mouth, should immediately be swabbed out of your ears with a Q-tip and alcohol.

    2. I don't think anybody, including Carroll himself, deludes themselves into believing the new GT500 was a "hands-on" project. It was realistically more of a "yes, I like it, the prototype drives super, you might want to dial in a little more oversteer, you have my blessing" project...

    3. They'll tell you that the Pope blessed it, if that'll get them the $20K premium they're aiming for.

    4. History will repeat itself, as it always does, for every "IT" car that rolls out of Detroit. The gold-chain crowd will throw their money at the very first ones, smugly showing up at every cruise-in they can find, smug in their certainty that NOW, FINALLY, they'll get laid..., and of course, they won't, and they'll sell it in a year and pay $20k too much for the first Dodge Challenger in town...

    Prices will level out late this fall, just have patience... :)
  3. Yup, that pretty much sums it up....
  4. Thanks for your input Ricks. I agree with you but since I'm new to this I thought I'd better ask.

    I wished I'd researched all the Shelby cars before going to the dealership so I could've called him on the Dodge. I'll be armed and ready the next time I have a similar conversation with a salesman.

    I'll drive my cobra for a while and use it as a trade-in if/when I decide to get the GT500. Without any hesitation I can tell you I will NOT pay extra for this car or any other just for the sake of being the first to drive it off the lot.
  5. haha, love number 4 :lol:
  6. The scoop is that cars are horrible investments.

    Yes in 30 or 40 years Shelby GT-500s that have been stored away and not driven or those that have been perfectly restored at an insane cost will be worth a bunch of money.

    Are you planning on waiting that long?
  7. I, personally, would not buy a car for the sake of investment. What's the point of owning a car you're not going to drive? Heck, that's like taking a child into a candy store and telling him/her to look all you want but you can't have any!

    I would love to own a '07 Shelby, but not at these prices. I can wait two years if it takes that long. My everyday car is a Navigator so I'm going to park it and enjoy my '03 Cobra for a while.
  8. Once I can find a used one with 5-10k miles on it for $38,994 I will buy one. I anticipate this December-Februaury being the best time to get one as you will have winter to help negotiate the price down a tad. This will be like everyother car once they have a few miles on them!
  9. That is the strangest first post I have ever seen.
  10. give him a break, maybe he doesnt have a keyboard yet :D