35th Anniv Thinking about selling...

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Derek2398, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. Wow, i forgot there was a 35th section on this site. I enjoyed reading some recent posts. It's good to see the appreciation for these vehicles. I used to be a member of the original mustang35th page. VOORHEES: I remember you from that site. Not sure

    Well my VIN is 1FAFP42X2XF212953 and it should be #3755. Silver coupe with 80,000 miles. Doesn't look like they are bringing very much recently. I'll probably hold on to it.

  2. Yep, thats me. Been here since 1999. Probably a good bet to hang onto it, there isn't much value in any 10+ year old Mustang. But we still love them.

  3. I sold mine with 104K on the clock for $8K last oct, but had quite a bit done to it. You could probably get about $7K for a stock one with 80K miles.
  4. Nice selling price! Too bad you had to let her go...love the Cobra wheels on there (my favorite ones)
  5. Hope the next owner appreciates it as much as you did. Good price on the sale.

  6. Unfortunately, the guy will probably not take as good care of her as I did...
    The guy's buddy was pretty sure he would Quote: "wrap it around a tree"
    So it kinda hurt selling it to him, but on the other hand, There is lots of time for toys, and I'm sure I'll have another one I'll love even more:D

  7. :jaw:

  8. Sold my 99 LE convertible yesterday for $9000. Had 78K and a recent unplanned engine rebuild. Suppose I could have done worse on price. I bought it in January for $7000.
  9. I bought my 99 LE in 2008 with 69,000 mi for just 9k. The going price at the time was about 12/13k so i feel like I got a petty good deal. I have no intentions whatsoever of getting rid of mine however..
  10. I bought my '99 a little over a month ago for $9500 with 35k miles on it. I would have paid more considering the condition it's in. He thought he was too high on the price and that he wouldn't be able to get that. It's going to be with me for quite a while. He didn't have the gift set so I got one off eBay to go with the car.